You have wanted

Let me know that you had read my question, and you have prefered to let me know it changing your bio on TikTok. 

When i have seen it, my heart has stopped for a while. You have found a way to make feel a bit more important than others. Now i’m thinking of you in a deepest way. 
Our way to communicate is becoming always more visible and more important. 

I throw away the air from the lungs, because in these two days you have let me know that there is more than a connection. 

When you have call my name between all those nicknames, you have make me feel like if you had lifted me among your arms, and late night… you left me without breath changing those few words, answering to my question. 

I shake the head, and everything this isn’t no longer a coincidence.
By now, i don’t believe in coincidences with you from five years. 
I looking at you, and Our Parallel World is lifting around us, and everything is so soft. 

I dive my glance into your and i soft touch your mole, while my hand slide into that blue pajama shirt, and slowly it falling over your shoulders, while your hands are tightening my hips, and everything is focusing on our slow dance.

Delicately we thinking again on what has happened in these hours, and together we throw away the air from the lungs, while our foreheads sweetly touching each other.
And you call me again again and again.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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