“We remained” ∟15∟

Speechless to look at Bench when he have started to drawn those footprints on that sheet of paper, and his way of painting seemed enchanted us, and for a long moment we remained only to stare his thin greenish paws that seemed dancing on that sheet of paper.

Bench was painting with the maximum care those signs that had in mind, and little by little  they were making form in those strange footprints with each particular that creature had left on the soil.

You had a question that was pressing your mind, and when Bench was only retouching the latest particulars, you have looked at him and in a whisper you have broken that atmosphere that, without realizing, the youngish creature had created, and only when your eyes have met that glance, you have sigh: “Are you sure of what you have said us?”, and Bench have looked at me that i have beckoned to to your question. 
“We want be sure of everything” i whispered taking the sheet of paper that Bench had placed on the little table.

Bench, doubtful, have looked at us, but only few seconds later his glance has changed totally and without say nothing, have taken another sheet of paper, and he have started to drawn a sketch of a sort another creature. He was comparisoning the other sheet of paper. 
Basing on those footprint he was painting the creature which belonged those paws, and only after, he said: “It have to find this creature…” giving us the sketch that he had as soon drawn.
We remained lack breath. It seemed for real that those footprints have belonged to that creature. 

We have looked at Bench who at his turn was looking at us with a sort of smile, and when the Ogre got back in the apartment, he remained astonished, for that deafeaning silence, but immediately he understood what was as soon happened. He had the answer in his big hand, and slowly, he entered in that magic atmosphere, and with his sigh he said: “It’s his skill”, and he laid that bloc note on the table, and our glance fell on other sketches that Bench had painted on that bloc.
“In this way i have excluded many of creatures…” Bench said in a soft whisper looking down, almost flushing, leafing the bloc note with all those cataloged creatures, and the Ogre have could confirm all that.
“The first days he had that bloc note always in hand, and didn’t have stopped  to drawn all those creature, and it has became our favourite game, but the more he went on, the more has become a duty, and only at end i have understood on what he was working: for find this one!” and the Ogre have indicated the only sketch outside from the bloc note. 


In that apartment, we had thrown a glance toward that painted creature, and what we had seen inside those eyes didn’t like it all. We had seen with which speed Bench was drawing it, but only in those instants, we had seen all his badness through that glance, and maybe we had understood why Bench was anger with Wally, and in a sigh, looking at me, you have asked Bench: “Did you had done  all those sketches for Wally?”, and in a sigh that seemed more a grunt, Bench said: “Yes” then he ended: “that evening I had finish that list for him, but then i seen he had brought everything to the police, and when i have smeared the shutter i have understood that my work has been useless…and “, i didn’t made him finsh that i said: “Wally have met many problems, but he have decided to retry: he will help us and your work will be so helpful”, i said everything looking at the Ogre who was nodding, while you was eaxmining the latest sketch deeper, and you was thinking to return to Benjamin and Scott to study a plan to observe the movements of those inhabitants that Bench had carefully drawn and give them a position exact instant in which Kitra has came out, and to fixing that dreadful sketch to the wall of our office.

Now we knew which face he had, and the more we looking at him, the more we feeling that we could give a turning point at this story that was tormenting several creatures, above all the youngish Bench.”


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