Sweet electric shocks have crosse my mind, and the soft punch in the stomach is present. 
When i heard you have said my name everything around has became Our Parallel World, and for all the time you have replied, we were only you and me. 

My heart is still beating like a jackhammer, thinking when you have read all my three questions and have choose that one then you have wrote my name on a sheet paper or in your portable… my hands are shaking, I’m shaking.
Our Parallel World is approaching us always more, and for don’t go crazy i hold back the breath

You have prefered say my name rather than my nickname. 
When i heard it everything around is vanish and everything has become muffled. 
Now in front of me, is Gebo, Dagaz and Wunjo and i shaking the head: slowly is accomplishing despite our distance. 
And your arms are wrapping me around my belly. 

For a long second i close the eyes and i can hear again you say my name from far. 
Everything get inside a slow vortex, and you take me inside Our Parallel World dancing our slow dance. 
I can feel your skin perfume, and i sigh.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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