“Bench” – ∟14∟

Was looking at himself around a bit scare from those big noises and screams that his friend Ogre was throwing against the other ogres who we were meeting along that narrow street that seemed really a paradox for all those big creatures.
And that smell seemed don’t go away despite we were there, from a couple of hours, and infront of a sort of shop it was more pungent, and our friend ogre have stopped in front of it, asking Bench if he wanted that speciality that he loved so much. Bench have looked at us, as if  asked us the permission, but  we weren’t us who he had to ask it. 
The Ogre didn’t wait a minute more, and entered, and few minutes later he came out with a big stick with a sort of fried chicken, and when he have made seen it to Bench, the glance of the youngish creature were brightening, and without say nothing he have took it and he have started eated it. 

The Ogre stopped for a while and he have took a glance to the young creature, and as much he could sigh, he told us: “When i met him, they were days that he didn’t touch food: i’ve tried to give each kind of food, but he  didn’t wanted it. One day i got back with this, and  from that day i found the way to make him eat.

The Ogre had even tried to make us taste it, but as much we have tried, we had found the original source of that pungent smell that wrapping that narrow street: that stick with a kind of fried chicken, that chicken wasn’t at all, but to Bench seemed the most appetizing thing he had ever eat, and we have looked at him smiling back, while he was diving in that sort of piece of flesh.

With  alot difficulties we had exceeded the hardest ogres, and when were about to exit from that narrow street, we have looked at each other, and unison we held back the breath for throw it away at each step we were made, and really slow, the calm of whole city was about wrapping us again.

Bench had as soon ended to eat and he was looking at himself around that part of the city that seemed didn’t recognize no more.
He stopped at the point where seemed end or start the ogre street, and almost scared, he have looked at us with wide eyes open, then he have took a quick glance the big Ogre next to him, and his glance seemed assuring him that where they would be go, it would be a nice place, and without and he have looked at us, and both we have immediately beckoned, and you have further added something that had left the giant Ogre lack breath.

“You can remain how long you want”, and i nodded. 
Also if, that narrow street was their home, they had need rest, and collect  each minimal thoughts that would help us. But for now we had some basic questions that they had to have immediate answers.
When i made them understand had to turn and enter in that dark alley, Bench thrown a glance to that bench where he sat and each evening, waiting for Wally for to know of he had some good news about her friend, and he remained to stare the shutter of that window, and in thread of voice, he said:”I’m sorry to have smeared it”, and then he have look down his glance, but immediately i went to him, and i have said: “Wally have forgive you…” leaving those words in suspended, i hoped that even Bench said the same, but he remained in silence. 

While we entering in that dark alley, we have left Bench go a bit ahead, and so we have looked at us overwhelmed, and even the Ogre remained in silence: he knew very well how it went among those two, and in someway, even the big creature hoped in some word of redemtion of Bench.
Without realizing we stopped, looking at the youngish creature who was arrived in front of our rusty gate, the only one in that alley, and he have looked at himself around, as if he knew that place very well, and he started to examine the soil next one of the iron grid, and after looked at it deeper, he have called us, making us notice it.

“Before to hiding myself into the Ogres street, i rested here and i have examine it all to be sure don’t be chase by some ill-intetioned, and staying in the Ogre street, i have could studied almost every the foot prints of the inhabitants who came there in the market, and this one is one i never seen before!” When we bended over to examine it, and we remained lack breath. 
We have could totally trust in Bench: find her friend was his biggest desire, and when we entered in the apartment, he said us that his little study of the footprints have start for exclude each creature who he was meeting, and in the Ogre corner had a bloc notes with all those drawn, and that footprint, like he had said, he didn’t ever seen. 

Without  effort we had done a giant step, and now Bench was asking a sheet o paper and a pencil to draw that strange footprint, before he had forget it, and in a sigh i asked to Ogre to get back in that street to recover the bloc note of Bench. 
Without say nothing the Ogre nodded and he went out to recover that bloc note.”


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