“When the ogre” – ∟13∟

Stopped himself in front of a big garbage bin we hadn’t realized that his place was that one.
We have looked at us around astonished, but when he have looked down, we did the same, and in front of us we hadn’t distinguished Bench among few trash bags scattered on floor, but only the big voice of the ogre have called him, the small greenish creature have lifted his face, and he have looked at the Ogre first, then he have thrown a quick glance toward us, and only when the ogre have used a soft tone of voice, we have realized that he was so scared. 

The Ogre have informated himself first, how he was, then he said: “These human, have exceeded the neighborhood to know you. Dry yourself the tears, they can help to find Kitra.” As soon the Ogre have named her friend, in his eyes we have could see a sparkle of light, and he lifted up the nose and slowly, he have dry his  scaly face from the many tears that he had poured, with the help of the Ogre he got up on his feet, and for the first time, we have could see Bench in all his  skinny form. 

The only thing that it gave him more substance, was black leather jacket, that seemed sometimes swallowing it, as much it was bigger than him. 
His glance was only for the Ogre, who was attempting direct it to us, but glance of Bench was trast only to that giant, and the few times that had tried to looked at us, he seemed was lost in something greater than him.
I wanted assuring him but for what i was seeing, it was better stay in silence, and i have looked at you, and i left the hand that i was hold. And really slow, you have approached the Ogre, and delicately you have started to talk to him, going straight to the point, but using the right words that even me i was remained lack breathe.

“We are here to help to find Kitra. I know you are her best friend, and now you hiding here for hid even to yourself what you are feeling. We know Wally and Benjamin, and i know that you feel betrayed especially from Wally, but has been Wally himself to say me if i had meet you, he ask you to forgive him. Wally have told me the whole story, and now me and my girl,  we are attempting to solve it, but we have need of you”. 
When the skinny creature have heard the word “need ” have liftted the face and on his face has drawn itself a sort of smile, and for the first time he have looked at us straight into our eyes, and he have softly beckoned.
I held back the breathe, and when you turned toward me, i threw it away, while i was feeling your hand keeping again mine, and you have tightened it delicately. 

The Big Ogre had attended to the whole scene without breathe, and when Bench got up, he remained breathless. 
“Nobody have made him lift up  with another reason that wasn’t food. Only after few days i have understood that he hadn’t eat from the day of the vanishing of Kitra. Only after that, i have understand that only word that was made him lifting up was food, but when you have started to talk, damn! I have seen a total transformation!”, and he have smiled to his skinny friend who was adjusting that leather jacket too big for a skinny creature like him.

When the youngish gave the latest glimpse to the leather jacket, we have smiled him, and with a sweet nod, you have said: “We have to talk about many things” and you have thrown a glance toward the ogre, who have immediately understand that place wasn’t the right one, and we had to get out from that street, and he made us street between great thrusts and big screams, while we were protecting Bench, who seemed looking at those other ogres for the first time, and he was looking for to hiding  between our arms.
“We will go in our apartment. There you will be more quite, and you will tak about your friendship with Kitra.”
It semed that each time we naming her on the face of that scared creature something, was brighting  more, and only after a couple of times we had named her, we have understand what it was: his soul.

 But before we had to go out from that chaotic a narrow street.”


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