When i

Heard you pronnounce that name, my heart has stopped, and i have had stop the video. Here it s our connection: 19&19.
It’s from i heard you that i’m think of you, and my head is exploding in milion of pieces.
I’m lack of breathe, and you still in our shack.
Everything is become more magical than i could imagine.

I heard that name from your voice, and it’s like that our thread want uniting us always more.
My head is inside a soft cloud where there is only you, and those wonderful eyes are piercing me without mercy, and from far i can see only Our Parallel World. 

I can’t believe it. I repeat myself: i don’t believe in coincidences no more with you from long time. 
What is wrapping is only magic. Magic that is lasting from five years, and that tiny mole contains it all.
Let me know that everything this is Our Parallel World and you feel the same i’m feeling.

You are the most magical person i have ever met in my life, and from five years i’m living the most beautiful moments of my whole life. Everything is marvellous with you, even the smallest emotion, you making it the biggest.
I shake the head, looking at you straight into those wonderful two small oceans, and that tiny mole is my anchor.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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