“We have decided” – ∟12∟

Directed ourselves immediately toward those buildings in search for the youngish creature to talk with him.
Before leave Wally, Wally himself gave us a good advice: “Take it easy, he have seen you with me, and maybe he will have some prejudices toward you.” I have looked at him and sweetly i thanked him saying to don’t be worry, and so we have left him on the threshold of his old office.

We have stopped a while, and when we have exceeded the sidewalk to going through the piazza we have take a glimpse toward that bunch of buildings, where there were even, many creatures never meet before, and once arrived in that street, some of them had inquisitor glances and at each step we were doing inside that street, the murmuring has grown.
You was taking my hand tighter than usual, for fear that i could fall, or some of those creatures have could drag me away, as much i skinny i was, and some thrusts were not lacked, not because they haven’t seen us, but they were on pourpose.

For those creatures was the the very first time that were meeting total different creatures from them.  
For the great part, in that street, there were ogres, and walking was very difficult. Even between them, there weren’t a jovial air, and we have attended at some small quarrel among those great creatures, always with anger face, even when they seemed laugh. And even they way of laughing seemed a roar of a volcano. 
And we have heard many laughs, and earlier to realize that were only laughs, we scared. 

That part of the city, there was no the silence that charateryzed the rest of the city, and to find the youngish creature has been harder than we could imagine, and at the same time we have thought that part of the city, was perfect to hiding, and to dont be noticed. 
Those ogres were too much taken by themselves that they too wouldn’t notice an intruder like Bench.
We have had very difficulty to exceed that narrow street, but at each step we were doing we had to stop, to take  breathe, looking for don’t think to that pungent smell that was entering in our nose, but we knew that we could not do nothing, because we, already, tasted  that smell, and it was only matter of time and at the end, we would get used to it. 
We had to fill the lungs a couple of time of that smell, and  we have would hear it no longer. We have tightened ourselves more, and we have continued the walk.

For a couple of times we have clashed with a couples of ogres, but only the second one have felt us, and when our glances met his, only for a long instant, we had thought to have step on his feet, but when then that sever glance it have trasformed in a sort of smile, we have throw away the air from the lungs, and we have smiled him back, excusing us, but then he have laughed more, and he have asked us where we wanted to go in the middle of those “barbarians” as he had definied his fellow men. 

I have shared a quick gaze with you, but before i opened the mouth you clearly have said: “We are looking  for the only creature who isn’t being part of your great community” looking at you around, paying attention don’t fall for  an another thrust from another ogre, and that one who was speaking with us, as if it was a normal thing, have took the passer-by for a shoulder and he have almost threatened him: “You ask excuse to my friend” with the fist under the nose. The other one, have looked at you, then he have almost smiled at him, but he have seen that he was so serious, he have changed his mind and with soft voice he asked excuse, then “our friend” have left him go, looking at him till him have vanished from his view. 

Then he got back to stare at us, and with a thoughtful glance, he said: ” I know who you are talk about. Follow me”, and while he made us space between his fellow men, have explained that he was him to have find him in that corner of the street who was crying for her friend, and he was him to assure him that where he was, nobody have would give him annoy. That space in which he had found him, was his, and for as much the ogre could be rough, he had felt tenderness for that skinny greenish creature, and when he had ended to talk, we were find ourselves in front of  Bench.”



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