“Looking for” – ∟11∟

Don’t appear to much sweaty, Wally have dried himself with his great paw the forehead, and he was looking at around, and when he haven’t no longer see the youngish creature, he clearified his big voice, and he have looked for to whisper, even if it was a thing impossible to him.
Even if he had started to sigh, his voice  seemed a continuos buzzing from the bowel from the manhole that was in front of that bench.

“When the news of Kitra kidnapping has turning in city, he has began stay in front to the office, sat in this bench.
Only few days after i knew he was the best friend of Kitra, but he had fear to approach to me,and even this time, as you have seen, as soon he have seen me he’s escaped. He had waited for me all day sat here,  when i was come out from the office, we have sharing just only a glance, and from that gaze, he was understand how it went the day. Each evening, with a sharing of glance i was say him everything. Maybe he has been the only one who have disagreed my decision to left the investigation. And i know for sure, he escaping from me, because he anger.
In someways, he has given me the strenght to goes on, till i met that insurmountable wall that i have told you.
When i went to the police, the evening itself, when i returned to the office to bring away the latest things, i have found on the shutter a graffiti. I will remebember it for the rest of my life: a great “Why?” I turned myself and on this bench there was nobody, but i have heard someone were running. It was like, i had betrayed him, and close the shutter, i have found the spray can that was still rolling on the ground. And now, each time i meet him , i’m not able to open the mouth for say salute hi, that he escape.
For what Scott had said me the very first days, each day he went to visit her. They had a special bond, and now that she is vanish, many others creatures have seen him always in the same corner of the city, crouched crying.”

In silence we had listened to the whole story, and some shivers had crossed our back. 
The investigation of Wally had gave not only hope to Scott, but even for that youngish creature, and now we have looked at us and without thinking much, we wanted find again that creature talk to with. 
We had to understand which were their relationships, and first of all assure him that that we would went till the end. 

Wally got up from that bench and he invited us to go back with him to the office. He had something to make us see, and above all, give us: maybe the most important report that had ever compiled. 
It was the latest report that he had wrote, and he had wrote it after went to the police. 
He had milion of thoughts that were crossing his mind, and even if, he had gave away everything, he had to put it down on a sheet of paper. And when he gave it to me, i had noticed that it was the only report written in well copy.
They were his latest considerations on what had discovered, and as soon ended i gave it to you, and when even you have ended to read it, have looked at me then Wally, and you have said: “Maybe this is the most important report, and it will help us so much.” 

Throwing away all the air i had in the lungs, and taking again that sheet of paper in hand, reading those lines, i have looked at you, then i have looked at Wally with wide eyes open, and at end i have said in a sigh: “We have to find the youngish creature…” leaving those words suspended as if  Wally had to finish my sentence, giving us his name but he left us without a reply, because even him didn’t know it. 
In his list, he had named him “the bench”. 

We have thanked Wally for every informations he had gave us, and now it was to make start our investigation, starting from the friend of Kitra, the Bench.

We threw away all the air from the lungs, and with the sun in the eyes, we have thrown a look toward those buildings where we had seen Bench directed himself.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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