Just few minutes

After i have felt your sweet embrace around my belly, and our soft punch in the stomach has grown, and everything have taking us in Our Parallel World, inside that shack that everytime i see it i have a jolt, and my heart start to beat hard, and everything around has become so light, and i seem me to flight, and i feel your hands around my hips tightening them delicately always more to you.

I throw away all the air from my body, when i feel your voice that is wrapping me.
I’m starting to shake when i stare at your eyes and my glance fall on that tiny mole.

For a moment, my heart stop, then really slow start again to beat at unison with your.
Your arms are still tightening me strong toward to you, and delicately our foreheads touch.

We are looking at us, our breathes are merging one in another, while your voice say my name like an enchament. 
Despite our distance we can feel our hearts are going crazy. 
At the same instants we can see Wunjo: our desire to stay together.
A lump is grown in our throat, and our connection explode, and our shack become the natural gate for Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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