“While”- ∟10∟

Wally was writing that list of names, you was looking at me with an only question that was coming out from your mouth  with a bit a tremble. 
I knew which question was, but i have waited for those few words filling the room, and in a thread of voice i replied: “In way or the other we will know how approach them”, and when at end Wally have checked the list, he said: “I believe they are everybody”, and he stretched me the sheet of paper with those names. 

His calligraphy was childish and trembling, and when i have took a look to that list, i have felt a lot of tenderness, toward that big creature with his broken fang that i have could see through the moustaches, then i i thanked him, and with a long breathe, i have looked at both, and i have encourage them to exit from that office. 
You have took my hand, and after have made come out Wally, you have asked him from where we have could start to meet those creatures.  

Wally have indicated us differents local in which he had met some of them, but he seemed more inclined to say us it would better go directly at their own home. “In an ambient more comfy for them, it will be more easy make themselves open. It has been my first error: i always met them in public or in  my office. To these creatures doesn’t like make feel underpressure. Each time i have met them in public, one, two, times and the third they avoided me. Now that i have another occasion, i would try directly to enter in their own lives, in their houses.” 

I was reasoning on what he was saying, and maybe he had absolute right. 
And next to the names of that list there were even their adresses. Wally had predicted my question, and in someways, he was redeeming himself for all mistakes he had done without conclude nothing good.
We were  looking at that big creature with his only regret to didn’t have found that little creature, but now he had learnt from his own mistakes, and he wanted do everything to the perfection, and we had to only to learn from him.

We had met Benjamin on street, and in a blink he approached us, advicing us to make a slow walk in those streets to get familiriaty with the others, but above all make us see from them, and already some of the inhabitants got slow their walk to see who were those two new strange creatures who were talking with One Foot.
Even if we didn’t were looking at them, we have feel their glances set on us, while they were going for their street, and some murmuring made themselves louder than others, and in that buzz, maybe, i had indentified some of the creatures that Wally had named in his list. 

Without realizing, we had started our investigation, examining all those glances that set on us, looking for  understand if we could catch something and maybe  Wally would make us notice something very important.
For that very first tour between the inhabitants of the city, Wally has been our Cicerone, and even us we had pointed someone who had avoided to meet Wally for all the time he was at chief of the researches.
He was  an young creature, and when every our glances have met him, he have ran away, but we haven’t chase him. We remained where we were, but in silence we have looked at Wally, who made us understand to move ourselves, and  follow him to talk. He had something important to say us about the youngish creature, who we were still looking at running away.

We  have reached a bench in the middle of the piazza, and Wally sat on it without problems. You have sat next to him and have took me on your knees while the sun was warming us, while Wally was looking for the right words to explain us who was that creature, who seemed escape from everybody but above all from everything was surrounding him. 
He’s was the first name that the big walrus had wrote on that list. 
When he held back the breath, and then he threw it away from his big body, a small vortex have lifted in front of us and a bunch of leafs have take the flight. 
He have looked at us and he started to speak.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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