“You was looking” – ∟9∟

Stunned with a question printed on your face, and  i have looked at you then the others who had the same question mark. 
“Maybe you are the only who know that we arrived” – i have started to explain – “and whose have seen us the other night, maybe today, have forget which faces we have. In these days we have to act normally, and maybe we need of the office only when we would could collect all the reports  of the day.
Maybe Wally have approached the matter in  a way that have scared the others creatures” i have said looking at everybody in the sweetest way possible, and Benjamin and Scott were reasoning on it, and shyly Scott have gave me right, shrugged. 
And i ended: “But not for this, i don’t want say he got wrong…”, Benjamin have looked at me as if he wanted excuse my reasoning, on the contrary have beckoned, as if he could read inside my mind, and he came in my help
“Despite everybody know well Wally, Wally with his big size can frighten whoever, even who knows him from long time, but they are only prejudices, and then he had asked to be helped, but none have accepted his demand.” and at end Benjamin have looked at us as if in those latest sentence asked us a sort of  moral ransom, and without thinking much, you have said: “We would need of someone who know the inhabitants better than us: Wally is our man, without doubt”, and with this your affirmation we were about to include Wally in our circle of investigation. 

A sense of lightness was being born on our faces, and above all inside of souls.
We knew that we had to start the investigation as soon as possible, so i asked to Benjamin to call Wally to reach us in his old office, and without wait for another minutes, with a quick move, and in a blink, with his many paws, he left the office, while the slimy noise was moving away with him.

Scott went away five minutes later, leaving us in that office studying some of those sheet of papers that Wally had typed  with that typwriter that was on an angle of that large desk. 
I have checked it, and some typewriter temples of some letters were faulty, and only in those instants we had understand why Wally re-wrote each report hand on the reverse of the sheet of paper, almost always creased.

“That typewriter have gave me always troubles” said a big voice, making trembling the walls of the office, and a big figure have filled the room. And so, for the very first time we have realized how big Wally was. 
He was enormous walrus with one of his fangs broken, and his moustaches were cover the rest of his big mouth, but as much he was a big creature, he had something of light.
We remained to stared at him, as much he had fascinated us. 
His great voice resounding in those walls, making them tremble, but the more we have looking at him, the more his tone of voice got relaxed us, and we have prayed him to sit down on his big chair that we had accidentally occupied.

He thanked us, and, he pulled out a cigar from a hid pocket of his immense body, but that he didn’t turned it on, but simply he have put in mouth, and it seemed vanishing between his moustaches, and without realizing, he started to say us what he had discovered about the vanish of Kitra, and what was his opinion on all that matter. 

“I knew Kitra, and i know that she would be not vanish only for a quirrel with Scott, that’ why i have decided to investigate… there is something else” and he left the speech suspended, and he have looked at us with his tiny eyes, but in that glance we have could see his determination to end what he had started.
And with a sweet glance first to you then to Wally, i have took a sheet of paper and i placed it in front of him, asking to put down a list of names of those who in his opinion had something say, but that he wasn’t capable to meet.

Wally have looked at me, astonished, and in a whisper, he said you: “She know what have to do!” and he started to write those names. 
You was looking at me astonished, while i was looking at Wally.

In reality even me i didn’t know what i was doing, but i wanted begin from where Wally had interrupted, and breakdown that thin line that was divide that total indifference and the real danger that those creatures were running, saying nothing.”



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