Few electric shocks

And our connection is began.
As me hours before, in bed i have opened the eyes, and i felt your sweet embrace around my belly, now i feel our minds get connect each other, and i feel your arms are tighening me strong from behind while your sound of voice is resounding in my head, and what you have read late night, in some way it describe me.
And maybe you have choose that book, not for a case. 

I’m think about those words, in which  way you have pronounced them, and now i hold back my emotions. I try don’t shake.

But you know that inside me is unleashing a storm and my only desire is to look at you, and caress your face, soft touching your mole, throwing away all the air from the lungs.

And looking at inside that shack everything is opening in front of me. That World: our world full of the emotions that delicately are wrapping us, despite our distance, while i start to shake for real, feeling your hands that are tightening me stronger to you. 

While  your voice is entering more inside me, and it making me take the flight toward Our Parallel World in that shack.

I hold back the breathe, then i throw it away, then i i dive myself in those two small oceans that are your eyes, and i lose myself.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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