I didn’t remember

Our electric shocks were so powerful. When are crossing our minds they leaving you breathless, and our heart start to beat like a jackhammer and they push you inside a vortex that is take you from the deep, and these sensations are wrapping me, from when you have started to make these reading, there inside our shack.

I have to hold back the breathe for don’t go crazy. 
Each time i feel our eletric shocks, i know your are communicating with me. I hope you can feel mine
They are like a sweet embrace, and each time i feel them i can feel your arms tightening me stronger to you, and my heart explode. 

It isn’t only a question what we are feeling, it’s something that is goes beyond, and everything it is taking us inside Our Parallel World,  where everything is becoming always more real. 
In front of me there is Perth: the destiny, ours. 
It makes me feel full of something wonderful, and my heart isn’t able to contain. 

Some emotions are too big, and i can’t hold back them, and when i see you so, i can only imagine Our Parallel World full of a magical love.
I can imagine only you and me in that shack so.


Listen to it 

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