“And with another” – ∟8∟

Beckon, Scott made us understand that we had to follow them, and slowly, looking at us around, as if it was the first time we entered inside that local, you have tightened strong my hand, and Benjamin have said us: “This way”, and we have climbed again that narrow staircase that was brought us again outside. 

That day, seemed the sun wanted blinding us, but as soon notice it, Benjamin have told me: “We arrived!”, and the local was just next to that shutter always closed.
It seemed that is already predeposted to be an office, but there were also some comodities, like a long brownish couch, don’t at latest fashion, but it was already something where we have could sit when we have would have a moment of pause between one interrogation another, above the wall where it was leaned the sofa, some empty shelves with some empty boxes, where we have would archived all the files that little by little, we have would collected, a long desk in front of the glass door, two chairs in front of the desk, and behind the desk and unique big leather brown chair, in which, we have noticed, we have could sit both.

Once, taken the breathe again, i indicated the big chair, and it was Scott to reply, laughing.
“Yes it is a bit big. When we have seen that police didn’t go to anywhere with the researches, we have induced an assembly, between the city patrol, and the only one who offered himself to try make a private investigation has been Wally, one of the biggest creatures that this neighborhood have. If ever you meet a mountain, you can’t wrong: it’s Wally.
And that big chair is his.”
We have looked at Scott with some question printed on our faces, and the answers were arrived without that we had opened the mouth, and this time was Benjamin to speak.

“Wally, have tried to solve this case. We were in his hands, but he have met some problems. He have continued from two or three weeks but each time he tried to make some new question, he was meeting obstacles. It seemed that the inhabitants didn’t have trust in him. As much he have could done, he have collected it in this boxes. but as you will see are really few files”, and Benjamin have taken one of the boxes above the brownish couch, and it was really light: inside there at maximum three of four sheet of paper written with a  broken typewriter and almost every report were re- written hand to the reverse of the sheet of paper, but for what we had seen in those reports there were many details that we had to get in consideration.

“For all the time that has been enclose in this office, Wally, did a good job, but then he have stopped. He have reached a dead point, and the collaboration with the inhabitants didnt’ wanted continue. Just two weeks before you arrived we have induced another assembly, and Wally have confessed us that, he would have left everything to the police, but till now, even the police haven’t find nothing of rilevant: only things that Wally had already discovered.
And maybe even you will meet some difficulties with some inhabitants”, then Benjamin stopped, and have looked at us, waiting for our questions that though it never came.
We  knew that  one or the other have would reply, and after only few seconds Scott have reply in a sigh: “They are the hard core of the city”, and after this affermation we have looked at Scott and i have said: “Maybe they will open themselves to us, maybe not. 
We will try another way to approach them, but i assure you that we will go till the end to this matter. I promise.”, and so saying,  i have looked at you, proud to have me close to you, and sweetly you have took my hand, looking at straight into my eyes nodding.”


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