“The next day”- ∟7∟

We woke with the awareness that that day would be the very first day of  our new task that we would have face up to find Kitra, and after a sweet caress and another moment of intimacy, we settled better in bed and we have thought on what Benjamin have told us about Scott’sister, and your questions were pulled out with such ease and slowly for whole the time we remained in bed, one embraced another, we have talked about it, and we together, we have put down others. 

We had to organize all the matter of the interrogation, but for sure, we couldn’t make it on bed, we had to make it with the others two creature that we knew.
We were tasting the latest moments of peace in silence, but both we knew that silence was hiding, instead a noise that slowly was growing in our heads.

For a long instant, i have close the eyes, and my hand have slide inside that unfastened shirt that still you had on, and delicately i have caressed your chest, then i lifted the glance toward you, and our glances met, then delicately you have caressing my skin moving away hair from the face, you have said: “We have to move”, and i have nodded, remaining still a bit so, inhaling your skin perfume, then softly i kissed your chest and i got up, touching your shirt, smiling to you, and this time has been you remained breathless, looking at me moving in the bedroom. 

Coated, i stared at you still on bed, and i bended over you and i repeated what you had said minutes ago, and i sat on the edge of bed, looking at straight into your blue eyes, playing with the flaps of that shirt that seemed a calamite for the senses of both, but it was time to move. 
Holding back the breathe, then throwing it away, looking for to exit  from that bubble of emotions, you got up, and even you are clothed. 

We were ready to go down, but you have wanted to remain another instants savouring that magical atmosphere that we had created, that we were about to break down. You have put in front of me, and looking at me in deepest way possible, you approached to me  till our foreheads touched, and our breathes were merging each other.
Then you have taken me among your arms and together we went down and we didn’t stop to have breakfast, even because we weren’t hungry. Those moments we had pass in total intimacy had filled our souls by an energy that it have would conduct us up to the top of the highest of the mountains, and  now that we were looking at each other, we were ready to face up  that first day of our interrgation. 

Despite the curfew was over, and we have could hear all the creatures walking in the city, we had preferred to get the shortcut that Scott had indicated us few hours before, and we had thought that was better don’t meet the creatures at the light of the sun. 

We have walked in silence, collecting each small thought, theory and question that we have would ask to the other inhabitants, once that Benjamin and Scott had presented us who have could give us futher informations to direct us toward a line of investigation more targeted.
While the other creatures were focused to go in other parts of the city, we stopped in front of the closed shutter, and pretending to look beyond, we have knocked three times, and this time without wait Scott, that shutter was opened till half, and looking at us around, quick we entered.

This time, we weren’t only us in that dark pub. There were other two creatures, who though, as soon they have seen us, have saluted the only two that we knew. and immediately after Bejamin and Scott have reached us, and they have made us sit. They have smiled each other, as two children who had  made a jokes.
We have looked at them, and in a thread of voice i asked them: “What did you have done?” smiling back.
It was Benjamin to speak: ” With the help of those two creatures that you have met, we have opened a new local next to this, and that one will be your office. It will be more ease for you manage everything”. 

We have looked at them speechless, and almost we felt guilt. While we were making love, they were making all that for make us feel more comfortable. But it was Scott who have made us feel quite, immediately understanding what we had done in our apartment. He have smiled us, and with: “You have a different light, you bright more, your love has a great power…” he have moved us, leaving us breathless.
With his phrase we were about to enter in which that from now on, it would been our new dimension. 
Without making us notice, we held back our hands, and we have looked at Benjamin who have beckoned.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We knew”- ∟6∟

“And with another” – ∟8∟⇒

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