Our electric shocks

Were from long time that weren’t so persistent and now, are a couple of days that are wrapping me all day and they make me feel so good. So close to you. 

From when you have decided to make these reading, my heart is beating stronger than usual, even because you have decide to make them in our shack, from where it has began everything.

Even if i can see only a minimal part of those metal sheets, everything is take me inside that dream in which has born everything, and everything is so magical there inside.

You, your glance, your voice, and everything i feel looking at you inside that shack.
And think that i didn’t know that you had that shack, and i thought it was only fruit of my imagination, but when months after it, i remained breathless, and i remain specheless even now, when i see it, and i see you inside of it. 

Everything this is Our Parallel World, whether we want it or not, everything this it belong to us, and our electric shocks are the witness of everything this.
I throw all the air from the lungs, looking at you inside our shack, and these electric shock are the witness is that you want say me others thing. 

I can’t hold back the tears, and some of them getting me wet the face.
This period is the fullest of emotions. Our emotions, and despite we are far one from another we feel so close. 
I look at you and i lose myself in your eyes.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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