“We knew”- ∟6∟

That our time for now was over, and the very first interrogation as far as we could call it that, it went good and now we could be satisfied, and now our duty was that one of reflect to do next.

In that short speech with Scott, i have had his trust, and something it was say me that, even it was the first time we were doing a thing like that, we were already on the good way.

We had smiled to both, and they knew that we had to return in that apartment that looked like our in the real world, but we had to break down the rules of the curfew, but Scott knew a way to be not noticed by the city patrol who, were going round to check that everybody had respect those rules.

And once Scott have made us see that shortcut, you remained breathless as much that neighborhood looked to the real one. 
While he made you show the way to take, you was nodding, as if you already know what he was about to say, but to have confirm you have left him continue to explain.

At end you have said: “This dimension has many parts very similar to the real world, and with delicate touch, you explained that you already knew that shortcut, saying to Scott that you had used it many times to reach a «pub» to you very important, and you have thrown sweet glance toward me. 

In those seconds my heart stopped, and everything got back in my mind, and for a moment i forgot where we had to go, and my eyes got wet, and when you have took my hand, i had a jolt, but then i smiled, and you have said to Scott: “I will tell you it when everything will ended. I promise”, and looking at me, you have whispered: “Let’s got backward!”
I seemed lost in million of thoughts, and i smiled to Scott as if i didn’t have see him.

You was taking me away from that dimension to get back in that apartment, where we have could feel something of primordial that we had forget that it did existed.
Entered through that grey and heavy door, we have left everything behind our shoulders, and when we have heard the bang of the door, we have jolted, but soon after we have looked at each other, and for a long instant we remained one in front another, while really slow, our bodies approached each other.

You have took off my jacket, and i have left you do, while i was looking at you in each moves you was doing. 
Your touches were so delicate, as if you was touching the most precious thing you had between your hands, and when our glances met, your hands have tightened me stronger to you, and our breaths were merging one in another.

Slowly even i have started to took off your jacket. Then i left it fall on the ground, and delicately you have take me between your arms, and without say anything, without stick off our glance one from another, you have brought me in bedroom, and laid me on bed. You have dragged me on the top of it and you have started caressed me, while my hands unfastening your shirt, and when the flaps of your shirt have began to softly touch my bare belly, small moans have resounded in those walls, and only when i was able to slid my hand inside the shirt and made it fall it over your shoulders, you bended over me to kiss my neck, and as a vampire who suck the blood from his victim, you have made me enjoy, and other moans have excited you more, and delicately you have left the hold of one your hand with mine, for caress my legs and make them open. 

All this without ever stick off our glance one from another, while our breathes were increasing and they were unison. For a second we have stopped  breathing, and in that second our glance became deeper, and sweetly you have penetrated me, and everything around has started turn always faster, till we have reached the climax. 
We remained suspended for and endless time, then everything has began to go slow, then i dived myself into your bare chest wrapped by your skin perfume, and together, we fell asleep.”



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