In these hours

Our electric shocks are increasing in a way that making me feel like inside a vortex never felt before.

They are so sweet and persistents. It was long time that i didn’t feel them so wrapping and they have taken me immediately inside Our Parallel World and they me have left me breathless. 

It’s from yesterday that they are crossing my mind, and i’m sure that is you. 

Yesterday when i felt that vortex full of our electric shocks, i remained speechless. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is growing each minute is pass. 

Our connection is growing always faster. 
Even before, you was communicate with me: i remained breathless as far how strong were our electric shocks. I wasn’t  able to manage all them. 
I was embraced by your emotions, and you made me dance inside that vortex.

Also now i feel them that are wrapping me strong. I feel your arms around my belly that are tightening me strong to your chest, and your voice is piercing my soul: i have to throw all the air from the lungs, while i close the eyes, and you turn me. 

Our glances met, while my sentences of late night have crossing your mind. 
You caress my face, while you take my finger letting me touch your mole, while with the other hand i soft touch your chest. 

My eyes getting wet, for all the emotions you make me feel.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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