When it has began

That dream i held back the breathe, and my heart has started to beat like a crazy. 
You were few centimetres to me, and i didn’t stick off my eyes from you. You were busy with other people, behind that counter.
Then you went by my part and you offer me that orchid, and you have sweetly smiled me. 
My heart stopped for that endless moment, then you have left me, and i have continued to look at you. 

Then i made the way that each time you turned yourself you met me or our glances crossing each other. Then you have offered  me a another kind of flower, a simple red flower, and another sweet smile has stopped my heart.
Another smiles and other jokes with other people, but our gazes at end met always. 

Those screams and i went to see what it was, waiting for you that adjusted that mess, and always our eyes ocassionally met each other. You have checked that it everything was ok.
I asked my dad if he could asked your cell number, because we were about to leave, but he wasn’t able to ask it to you. I held back the breathe, and i have closed the eyes, but when i felt your arms sweetly embracing me from behind, my heart stopped once again, and when i hear your voice gently speaking to me, it has explode. 

When your fingers crossed mine, one tears has fallen from my face.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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