“I have looked” – ∟5∟

At Scott, then i thrown a quick glimpse to Benjamin, then my lastet gaze have been reserved to you who slowly sat next to me.
We settled in that table well illuminated. and gently i started to formulate the first, and maybe the most important question to Scott.

“Who is the creature kidnapped for you?”
Scott for a moment have looked at himself around, as if  there were others creatures, but we were only us and One Foot, who was settled a bit far from that table.
Scott from that big bad creature who wanted appear, under that white light have show us a total different side of his nature: scared, and inside those thin eyes we have could see his whole vulnerability, and that question it has made him feel still more uncovered to emotions that he hadn’t let see to anybody.

When  he was sure that there were nobody else, he have looked at me and in a thread a voice, he said: “She’s my little sister…” and when he have confessed it, that heavy weight, seemed gone away. 
Benjamin, the only who knew it, have placed the newspaper that was reading on the counter, and in one seconds, have reached us, to comfort his friend who seemed really shocked,  He have looked at me and with a beckon he made me understand that he have would replied him, to all the questions that i wanted ask to Scott. 

But before i continued to make the questions, Benjamin have started to tell us the whole matter that was lasted from a bit of time. 
He have looked at Scott first who have silently nodded, and so he started to tell everything.
Both have threw away all the air from the lungs, then Scott have stared Benjamin when that story has started to coming out from from the mouth of the centopede.

“That day Kitra quarreled against Scott because he had denied her to exit with some of her friends: friends who he didn’t never like, but instead she has come out anyway. After a comprimise she told him she would got back at the hour he would said her, but she never got back.” 
This was trigger factor, but then others elements have feeded the idea of the kidnapping. 
But in those instant we have could see the big Scott shaking, so we had decide to stop us, and we had collected the main informations, and we made us a general thought on that situation, and after have looked at Scott, we have thanked Benjamin.

While were listening to Benjamin, without realizing, you had taken notes of everything you have thought was very important, and aside to what you had wrote you had put some question marks and some few sentences in which you was making yourself others questions, like: “Where is the Scott apartment? Is it on first floor? Someone have could hear that fight? What hour has happened? There was someone never seen before?”, and without realizing, you was putting down a good series of questions that we have could do to others inhabitants of that neighborhood to start our investigation, and even if we didn’t know how we could move, those questions were a good start point.

When i gave you back that sheet of paper, my glance went to Scott, who was got back behind the counter, and slowly i got up: i heard you whisper my name, and gently i made you understand that was everything ok: i wanted only talk with Scott. 
Even if i didn’t knew him well, i have could feel his sense of discomfort, and all his work behind the counter, was only to keep occupied his mind from that bad remember that was hammering him from that day. 

Sweetly i placed myself on one of the few stools in front of the counter, and i gave a glimpse around, and then our gazes met. I shyly smiled him and then he stared me and in a sigh, he confessed me: “I don’t know how many times i went to the police, but i had the same answer, i was about to give up when you came, and when you have say I try, you have give me something in which believe”. 
In those few words, i had felt all his hope. I didn’t know what i could reply him, but one only nod, it have gave him back that glance that we had seen hours before. 
A hard glance that though, was hiding a big heart.”



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