I shake

My head, and i just still can’t believe that all is making real despite our distance. 
What i was feeling in the previous hours has became this.

You in our shack. Shack that each time i see it i remain breathless, and my remembers got back to that first dream i’ve done five years ago: first sign of our connection was being born.
Everything what you wanted say me has become real, and everything is make me going crazy.
Even that small flag i seen there: it was long time that i didn’t see it, and yet here it is, and it couldn’t be a coincidences, and you know, by now, i don’t believe in coincidences when it is about you.

Looking at you, i throw away all the air from the lungs, and i can only think that all this is only Our Parallel World that delicately is bonding us one to another always sweetly stronger each other.

The more i think about it the more i start to shake like a leaf, and the more i see that shack, the more i understand is the gate to enter in Our Parallel World, and that dream i’ve done five years ago has been the begin of our wonderful connection.

Everything is turning fast around and you are my centre, and everything is wonderful.
If i think to which what i have felt few days ago i shake the head, but it so.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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