“From that small”- ∟4∟

And narrow staircase, we have could see a long shadow that was going down, and his many paws made seemed that descent a fast dance of many little sticks, and its slimy noise was its very personal music.
When the centepede entered in the local, every eyes of the present were set on him, and he ran toward the counter with a big smile, and with a fast move, he got up in two feet, and took off that brown hat he had on his head, placing it on the counter.

He smiled us proud that, we had followed his advice, and he have stretched toward us, at least five of his paws, and as if he didn’t have presented, and when we had choose which paws hold, he said: “Hi, i’m Benjamin, for the friends One Foot, and he is Scott” indicating the great beast behind the counter, crossing another paw with the two that were shaking ours hands, and after those strange and funny presentations, we have looked at Scott and gently we have beckon. 

Scott looked like the bad one of  the gang: big, black leather dressed, but it was only the very first impression we have had, but it seemed that that look it had helped many times in that latest period, it what Benjamin have told us, looking at him, who was preparing something to drink for his friend.
Left the pleasantries, Benjamin have pulled out from his long body a newspapers, asking Scott if he had read it, and he said: “No, did they have found her?”

Without ask nothing we were attending to the scenario to which we had to partecipate.
The soft red and green light of the local, were making hard to read what it was written on that newspaper, so Scott turned on a light on a table close the counter and with the big sheet of paper in hand went to that table, and he have read carefully what  it was written on it, and slowly it was planning itself what we have would have to do.

We mainly had to find someone. Someone was missing, probably kidnapped by another creature, but it wasn’t written in the article. We wanted to have more details, but looking at Scott’s gaze lost in the void, we preferred to remain silence, and understand something more by reading in those lines of that newspaper.

“It is continuing the research of the creature vanished, but till now the police didn’t have find nothing particular,  but remain the main rumors that is turning among the inhabitants: is about of a kidnapping. The city patrol reccomend to respect the curfew of  10 pm.”

Reading those few lines we had understand many things, and we had understand that the creature most likely kidnapped was bonded to Scott, and from what we were seeing, it were passed many days that she was  vanished, without leaving not even a note, and leaving the inhabitantts of that small city shocked, and since when the idea of the kidnap has growth in mind of everybody, the only thing that have could put in safe everybody, was the curfew.

After read the rest of the article, we have looked Benjamin and Scott, who were at their turn were looking at us, asking themselves, if we have could do something more than police. I have thrown a glimpse to you then i threw away all the air from the lungs, and in a sigh, i said: “This is the very first time that we face up to a thnìg like this, we try. We will have need of all your collaboration”. 
I really didn’t know what i was saying them, but what i had said them seemed the most convincing thing that those two creatures were hearing to, and even you was looking at me speechless.

In few instants we were becoming two private detectives, and in my mind was being born the first series of questions that i wanted ask to Scott.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“Looking at that” – ∟3∟

“I have looked” – ∟5∟⇒


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