“After few seconds” – ∟2∟

Later we have took a glimpse to that map, almost ended, and without say nothing you have continued to draw the latest streets, and when  you have completed it, it was like you wanted my approvation, and delicately you have passed it to me, and i have could say only a sweet “Yes!”

For be sure to have copy all the streets, you have wanted to comparison with the original, and without say nothing, you have put the copied map on back light, and with a simple glance, you have made me undertand to do the same with the original, and we have passed a couple of minutes to see if there were imperfections, but it seemed the authentic copy of the original one. 
At end you have wanted examined it once again, and just when you have adjusted some small detail, you remained fully satisfied, and you have looked at me smiling, and only when you have looked at the map in you hands, the question “And now?” has flew in the air, resounding in all the apartment.

And now it was time to discover what city and which creatures, were beyond the heavy and grey door. Both our glance were stare on that sheet of paper that you had well copied, and by now what we had to do we had did it: we  were, even rested enough and we had even a place where to get back. 
So, with a quick glance we held back the breathe, then we have threw it away and we have beckon a small “Yes”, and you have folded the map in your jeans poket, and you got up giving me your help, and so we came out, as if it was a normal thing. 

It seemed that that alley was the anteroom of that new dimension. 
It was like, we have remembered it: dark with that only street lamp at the begin of that small way, but that one that it was made us undertand that we were in a total different enviroment were the sounds that were entering in that alley, till now our shield from what we  would have see within few seconds.
Sounds that seemed came only from walking and creeping creatures. 
It seemed a quite city. It wasn’t the usual city or village in which we were landed before: or at least, it what we have thought.

There were no cars, or others means of transport, but instead there were traffic lights, and this was funny, but as we have seen, they were much taken in cosideration, and each creature knew when it was his moment to cross the road and stop itself. 
We remained for a long moment to stare each creature who walking in front of us, not even take a look to the new passersby who we were us.

We have had to respect the traffic light that it was become green while a creature was lifting his glance in the air, as to lamenting for: “…these strangers”, and when it seen us with the map in hand, it murmured more, but, seen that we were going toward its same direction, at end, it approached us and with a soft tone of voice it asked us: “What are you looking for?” looking at that map that you had in hand. I have looked at him straight into his stranges eyes and i sighed: “We are new here, we were looking for a pub or something look like can you suggest us a good one?”

Seemed that creature didn’t waited for else that question, and with one of his many paws, has indicated us a building with all the lights turned off, and he said us: “You knock the door three times, and you can say that sends you OneFoot, you will have no problems”, and so he went away, and his patter of his many paws on the ground resounded in all that part of the city. 
And looking at him went away, we have immediately understand the reason of his funny name: he looked  like a centepede.”



Listen  to it ⇓⇓


⇐“You have” ∟1∟

“Looking at that” – ∟3∟⇒

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