“You have” ∟1∟

Took that drawing, without understand what i was saying. 

I was still speechless, but i was staring at you, looking for make you comprehend what i had discovered. 
You had that drawing in hand, and you was examining it. I was looking at you with wide eyes open, and just after drunk some sips of mineral water from the glass you had brought with the other things that you had prepared, i was able to mumbling something like: “Put it on backlight”, and without ask nothing else, you have done it, and just after what you have seen, you have looked at me, whispering my name.

“I wasn’t sure to have seen well, but the second time i have put in backlight, and i have seen that drawing in background, my heart have jolted” i said looking at you, impressed for what you had in hand. 
Now, it wasn’t only the baby troll drawing, but something more, and something to pay more attention than we could expected.

You had prepared something to eat, and slowly we have started to eat, but often we were looking at each other questioning the same question: “Beyond that door what will be?” 
We thought to have be returned  from where everything have started, but now we weren’t sure of nothing. 

The more we eating, the more a soft punch was closing the stomach, but we obliged ourselves to finish everything you had prepared: at least we were absorbing some new energies and we have could think better what to do, we had said through those glances that were dancing between us and that sheet of paper in front of us, it was maybe better, we have would could knock off us a while from all those events that were overwhelming us.

Ended everything we had in the dishes, you have moved away everything from that little table, and getting back, you have take others sheet of paper, and you have began to study better from where you have could start to copy that map. 
You have taken again that drawing and you have rotated it till you have thought to have found a new starting point, that wasn’t else the exit from the dark alley, in which was the apartment. 

First of all you had marked the cardinal points, knowing that the apartment was at east from the centre of  the neighborhood, and with maximum care, you have started to drawing the first lines, while i  was settled myself next to you on the floor, checking ocassionally the map in backlight.
When our glances were meeting, some shivers crossing our backs, and first that you starting again to copy the map, our hands tightening themselves delicately.

The sheet of paper where was drawed the map, was of a clear brownish color, and it was enough thick, but we had noticed of that till you had decided to copy it better, and even if it was enough thick, we weren’t remained surprised how it was easy to see all those streets and alleys in backlight. 
In every dimension we had visited, had something inexplicable, and this it was one of them.

You hadn’t knew what you was copying, but what was coming out, it was total different city in which we thought to be in. The only sure thing it was that we were in our apartment, or better in an exact copy of our apartment, and that, for the moment was enough, for us.

You was about to end to copy the whole map, when you have place the pencil on the table, and have looked at me, and after a long instant, you approached to me, and delicately you have lean your lips on mine, whispering my name.
In that moment, that kiss seemed wanted seal off our love, whatever would have happened in those next hours, in front of that map of that still unknown city. 
We have looked at each other with our breathes that were merging one in another, increasing always more.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“Slowly” – ∟Prologue∟

“After few seconds” – ∟2∟⇒

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