“Slowly” – ∟Prologue∟

We were realizing all that, while we were looking at us around in our apartment, and a sense of void have pervaded our souls. 
You have took my hand, and without stick off your glance from mine, we settled on the sofa embracing us strong, as if we were been the anchor for the other.

We have looked at the whole big apartment  as if we didn’t have no longer belong to that place. 
“Were we returned to the starting point?”  It was the question that we were making us silently.
We recognized  all the parts of that apartment, but without our creatures, our friends it wasn’t the same.
If we had closed the eyes, we have could hear  all those voices, especially the laugh of the baby troll and of Punkùl.

They had left  a track of their particular smell to which we had got used it, but even that was slowly vanishing, and a new one was entering.
Many of questions were hammering our minds, but none of them had replies, and in a whisper, you have said: “Maybe it’s really over” and you have tightened me more to you, while i was staring at the draw that was on the little table in front of us. 

We letting go away that idea that everything what we had to do, we did it, and that one was the latest of the many adventures that we have would brought with us for the rest of our lives.
We had to shake us from that sensations of forsaken in all the way possible.
When Him had made us that question, we hadn’t put in count that one day everything would be ended, and nobody it had get prepared us to this. 

I was tight to you, and your heart was giving me the strength to breathe, and in unison we were thinking to all those moments that we had spent in all those dimensions, while that new soft  fresh air was impregneting all the apartment, and it was delicately moving all the sheet of papers on the table. 
I was keeping an eye on the baby troll drawing: there was something that attracted me to it.

When you have took the courage to got up, going in the kitchen to prepare something to eat, i settled better, and i took the drawing, and i started to examine it deeper.
Maybe it was my determination to don’t give up, that made me take it. And immediately i have comparisoned it to the other sheet of papers  and i’ve noticed that it was  a bit different: it was unique, but maybe this didn’t wanted meant nothing, but i shyly smiled. 

I didn’t wanted illuded you, and i didn’t have said nothing, and i’ve continued to studying it.
While i was seeing all  those particulars of that drawing, my heart has starting to beat faster.
The baby troll had impressed his sweetness in those strokes and lines, but he had impressed something else, that little by little  i was discovering, and the more i was discovering those small tracks, the more i was tempted to say you what i had discovered, but i wanted be sure to haven’t took a blunder.

But just after examined each strokes of that drawing, i have decided to put the sheet of papers backlight, and what i have seen it left me breathless. You hadn’t see me. After a first glance to what i had seen i have put down the sheet of paper all of a sudden, thinking to have dreamt, but right after i lifted up again the sheet of paper, and i have had the confirmation of what i had seen few second before. A map.
The baby troll had painted us on purpose our stylized bodies on the map

Speechless, i was tempting to catch your attention, while i  was reasoning on what i had discovered, but alot of thoughts were turning in my mind, and only at end i whispered: “It isn’t over Luke”, and i have looked at you who came to me, and with a tremble i gave you that drawing.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We have looked” – §20 Epilogue§

“You have” ∟1∟⇒

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