I can

Feel your embrace making itself stronger than usual  these hours, and what you wanted say me from long time has come out, and everything around is wrapping us always making us feel closer.

We throw away all the air we have in the lungs, because what we are feeling is becoming something that we can’t manage. 

Our Parallel World is uniting us always more.
Tonight i dream about you who was kissing a girl, but i wasn’t jelous, because that girl hadn’t face, and that girl could be me, and everything is saying me that was me for sure.
Our connection is around us, and without realizing we are approaching us each other always faster, and your whispers are always more insistent, while our slow dance begin. 

Your hands on my hips are tightening me always more to you. 
Our glance one in another, and at unison, we throw away all the air from the lungs, while our foreheads touch. 
We feel us each other always more. 
Everything this is so magical, and so moving. 
Your hands tighter on my hips making me crazy.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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