“We have looked” – §20 Epilogue§

At each other for a second, and for other latest time we have heard the laugh of the baby troll, and we have beckoned a shy smile, and sweetly you have tightened my hand, then with a small smile you have invited me to lay me on your chest, and so i done, throwing away all the air from the lungs, knowing that when i would have close the eyes, little by little everything would be, slowly, changed disappearing in the void, and every faces that we had meeting would be vanished and that our ferryman, would have brought us in another dimension in which we have would meeting  another creatures to be helped.

But we hadn’t put in count one thing.
Sweetly, we fell asleep among the arms one of  another.
That night, we had made one of the strangest dream that we had done, and by now, each dream, were the same for both.

We didn’t have felt that force that it was drag us each time from a dimension to another. We weren’t been taken by force by our ferryman and threw away in that vortex that it looked like that one that we had crossed  few hours before, but it was like that something was holding us, without effort, in that place, as if we our travel throught the dimensions was really over, and that grey dimension was the really latest frontier that we had to exceed.

That dream, the most normal, it was even the strangest. 
For a moment we have listened to every voices of  each single creatures that we had met in all our journeys we had done, as if they were merging one in another, and those voices were accompanied us in our  sleep, and from their own dimension, one by one, have presented in front us, with their own way, they have said us: “To next” or simply they have thanked  us once again for everything we had done for them, and the more we were recognizing each creatures, the more, unconsciously we tightening our hands, and we could hear our hearts beating like two jackhammer.

The more the dream went on, the more we realizing that we had to continue to see what it would happened after, and if we had open the eyes, we would been trapped in a sort of land of nowhere.
This thought have crossed our minds at same time, and you have tightened me more to you, and i sighed your name.
It seemed that we had crossed each dimension of that universe that we had choose to live in, and  we were getting back to the starting point.

We would wanted to open the eyes and understand what was happened, but that dream was continuing to crossing our minds, and all of a sudden, our heart seemed got calm, but it has been just for few seconds. 
Slowly the voices disappeared, and a continuos wind have pervaded us, and a great bang have wake ourselves. 

We knew that it was happened something, but for a long instant, we didn’t stick off our glance one from another, but with the corner of the eye, we had seen that we hadn’t left the bedroom, and slowly we have paid attention if we could hear some noises from downstairs. None.
In a first moment we had thought that everything we had dreamt was only fruit of our imagination, but when we have decided to go down from bed, we have thought that that room was the only one remained in a total different enviroment. But when we have open the door, we remained overwhelmed. 
We  were still in the apartment. 

With the heart in throat, slowly we went down, and with a feeble voice we have called Punkùl, but even of him, none track, and something in the air was saying us that, in the strangest way we had left that dimension, or better those creatures had left that dimension, and in someway we got back to the starting point, and that we weren’t us who had reached that last dimension, but were been those creatures, and they had reached it time before, and when we had left the last dimension with the three witches, for reaching the last one, they were fighting that dark and grey land, to protect us.

We arrived to that conclusion when on the floor we had found a sheet of paper with draw: we had recognized the way of painting, and our thought went to the baby troll, who had represented us in the simplest way possible, but in its simplicity was the most beautiful painting, and below our painting were all doodles that we had thought were all the names of the creatures and only one was clear.

That one of Punkùl.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“Looking at” – §19§

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