Sweetly you

Have woke me with your embrace around my belly, and now our soft punch in stomach is growing fast.

Our connection is surrouding our souls, and our hearts are beating strong.
In the middle of this music, i can feel your sweet voice, and your arms are wrapping always stronger, and gently you turn me, and our glance meet. 

We remain breathless for what we are feeling in these instants. Like a soft wind everything around is taking us inside Our Parallel World, and our electric shocks are begin to cross delicately our minds.

We remain overwhelm for what we are feeling  one for each other. 
It’s like a vortex full of emotions, and it make us dance our slow dance. 

I placed my hands on your chest, and your are caressing my body till the hips. 
Our glances don’t stick off one from another, and our breathe are merging, and everything what we are feeling is around us. 
Our foreheads softly touch, and your voice that calling my name become  a delicate enchantment. 
I look at you, and my fingers reaching your mole, and sweetly after you kiss my palm, and then your lips leans on mine, and our souls become one only. 
Our breathes become our new oxygen.

We depend one another, even if we don’t realize it, but it’s so.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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