“Looking at” – §19§

Everybody straight into their eyes we could see their determination to create it as soon as possible, and close that  hole that had provoked alot terror.

Our duty was over, but every creature looking at us as if we could give them still more strenght, but on the contrary unconsciously, they were that had gave it to us, and the baby troll  was became the biggest point of force of that group.

From him, we had learnt how much strong was his determination to find his parents. We had seen in him the sweetness mixed with the strenghtness and the weakness of a small beings, and his interior growth, it had made us understand that one day he would be him the leader of that  group of wonderful creatures who were softly talking.

Each of them had formated small groups with other creatures and they were talking, above all, about what they had seen and heard in that  grey dimension that, slowly was becoming only a bad remembrance, but  the more they were talking about the more that experience was vanishing from their minds, and at end all those instants passed before and after, were moved away, and like in they enter a hole, all their buzz stopped, and for a long minute it was heard only a deafeaning silence.
Then as if was nothing happened, they have started to talk about totally different things, and only in those instants we had understand that their uncosciousness, or maybe a force bigger than them, have wanted delete everyhting all of a sudden.

We  have looked at each other, and slowly you have held my hand and  have beckon to go upstairs, and with a last glimpse to the creatures, we have saluted everybody without say nothing, and our last glance has went to the baby troll who giving playfully annoy to the big grey creature, pulling his big pointed earlobes then he leaving them away sweetly laughing. 
It was his last laugh that have filled our hearts by an incredible meloncholy, but we knew that was time to leave them, and even though, we had not saluted them one by one, we knew that it was that we had to do.

Delicately you have took me among your arms and slowly we went upstairs: but when  you was about to enter in the bedroom, i stopped you. You have put me down, and  we settled on the banister to see down, the big space full of  those creatures of differents measures and size.

In that instant, just one of those creatures, had lifted the glance toward up and it have noticed us, and with her softness, had reached us.
It was the white creature that, taking the flight, she settled in front of us, but she didn’t have said nothing. She have flapped her wings, she have looked at us, and as she came, she went away.
She left us and her flapping of wings, have left inside our souls a sense of lighteness, as if in that flapping it were every goodbye of everybody.
We have took the very last glimpse to thse creatures, and when we entered in bedroom, we have heard the joyful laugh of the baby troll. 

You have closed the door of the bedroom. 
In  those seconds we have realized to be remained alone for the second time from when it was started that latest crazy adventure. 
For a second you were remained in the threshold to look at me, while i was rounding throught the room searching to calm myself.

Both we had the hearts that were arrived in the brain, and we coud hear them pulsing in all our body.
Then i went to the open window, and i threw away all the air from the lungs, and closing the eyes, i have waited for you that arrived immediately after, and delicately you have turned me and sweetly, without say nothing you have accompanied me to the edge of bed, and you said in a sigh: “We have to rest”. 

I had still in mind those images of the latest instants in that dark land mixed with each faces of our friends downstairs, and all i wanted was to laid on that bed and to don’t think to anything else.
You hadn’t need to hear it from my mouth, but you have seen it through my glance.
The only thing that was giving me relief was hear still the laugh of the baby troll downstairs.
Once again you have accompanied me on the edge of bed and there you have started to took off my clothes, then you have done the same. 

The you have looked at me and in a sigh, you said: “I be back soon”, and you went in bathroom to take something to clean some small wounds i had on my hands.
After you have cleaned them, with the same delicateness,  i have done the same with some wound, on your face.  
Then you have checked that i hadn’t any others wounds on my body and then, you have settled me in the bed, and with a sweet smile, you said me: “Here i am!” and delicately you settled yourself close to me, and embracing me, you have whispered  to close the eyes.”


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