“We were” – §18§

Still astonished for what we had attended, and we were  looking at everybody in silence, and in silence we have started us toward the way of the return without ever stick off the glance one to another, while we questioning us on what was really happened in that mysterious and disquieting land, but looking at the baby troll gripped to her mom all those questions were became useless, and in thruth, now we wanted to go back in the apartment rest a bit.

We were so upset that now, the only thing was laid us on the bedroom and maybe close the eyes, and maybe forget one of the hardest adventure that we had faced up to in those many dimensions that we had visited.

Maybe all the group of creatures, leaded by Punkùl, knew that those were our latest hours with them, and without warned us, Punkùl had invited everybody to remain all together, and that big apartment, was the only one in the neighboorhood such great for host even the biggest creature without annoy anybody. 

Despite our tiredness and our wish to lay in bedroom, even us, wanted to share some good moment with those extraordinary creatures, and especially with the baby troll.
Arrived in the apartment, Punkùl have invited to settle everybody where it was more comfortable for them but to one he asked to help him to brought something to freshen everybody.
But first of all he have wanted checked if everybody were real ok: if someone had even the smallest wound, he was lose all the time to clean it and to put some bandage.

Some wounds were been provokated on the way of return, inside the vortex.
That journey, however uplifting it was, have been very hard for some creatures,: the walls of that vortex were resulted, like thorns, and each time they were clashed against them, they were wounded, but fortunately, they were, only superficial wounds and they would be healead in a couple of days, and those thorns had hit only the big creatures with a weight bigger than others: the smallest, as the female troll and his puppy, had crossed the vortex with no problem due their lighteness, and the speed of the push.

Just when he have brought us something to drink we everybody have realized how much thirsty we were, because in a blink, we drunk everything he had offered us. 
Above all us, we have drunk many, and we didn’t have realized how much ash we had inhaled throwing all those debris in that quicksand, and when have swallow the first sips from the water bottles we have continued till we felt us better, and we had felt again the blood run in our veins, and we have continued till we have not end those bottles, and without problems we asked others two pairs.

Just to the half of the second bottle, we have  felt finally, the blood run in all our body.
Now the baby troll was looking at us shyly smiling, and he came next to us and sweetly, and as surprised, he have touched our faces first then he have looked his small hands, then he started to laughing aloud. He done it a couple of times, then catched the attention of the mom, who smiled us, have explaining that he was so surprised by the color of our skin that was normalizing. Only after, we have looked at our hands and in effect the color was changing, and looking at the troll who was was in the middle of us, we have touched our faces even us, making him smile more.

Looking at him, we thought the same thing: once we would be that dimension came out, we would miss him a lot.
But maybe, it wasn’t the time to think about it, now it was time to impress in our mind all those faces, those voices and those grunts that little by little we had learnt to decipher, and in silence we were listening to what they were confessing, and their confessions were a dimension that everybody us were dreaming about. And without utter a word, in each glance of those creatures there was the wish to realize it.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“While we” – §17§

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