“While we” – §17§

Thrown every debris inside in that big quicksand, from far you have seen all the group that cautionally was coming toward us, and just  with a glance you have warned me that they were coming , but what you wanted  say me after, it was hard to say it just with only a glance, and i had understood your thoughtfulness, before the group were arrived.
We were out of breath, as much hurry we had to thrown every debris we were found, and in our deep, we knew that the exit couldn’t move from there.

At end just with a quick gaze to the group then to the vortex, i nodded: you had find the way to make me understand that we had to be  the last to be sucked in the vortex, and so i have looked at you with wide eyes open, but fully aware that  it was so that it had to go. 

We seeing the group who really slow were walking toward us, while a slow breeeze was lifting up, but it didn’t seemed annoy. 
From far we could even hear Punkùl who was repeating to follow our footprints like a broken record, and when we have could see him, we have could throw a breathe of relief. 
We knew that he would have made pass first all the other creatures, but when we have seen him, we felt us a little better.

Now it was time to make pass the hurry in  first line, and just have thrown a glance to the white creature, she have understand what do. She have threw the last debris that had in hand and took the flight and when arrived to the lead of that group, she looked at herself backward, and she said to the group to make another few steps ahead then she took the female troll with his puppy, then she have calculated the right moment for make her moves. 

A couple of second before, with her  angelic voice, she exclaimed: “Ready?… Go!” and with an apparentely delicateness, she thrown them inside the vortex. Then for those few seconds later, everybody had understood how it would be end, and one by one those creatures of different measure and size, were thrown inside the vortex, while we were still continuing thrown debris inside the quicksand. 

Everything was going fast, and when have arrived the turn of the big grey creature, Punkùl had have the time to threw a quick glance toward us and when has been taken by the white creature, he was about to say us something, but he hadn’t the time to open the mouth, that the white creature has thrown him inside the vortex. 
By now everybody were on the way of the return: we were missing only us and the white creature.

We had knew to don’t stop to throw debris, till we would have decide to leave that death land.
We have looked at us, and we had knew that we were really tired: we were throwing those latest debris by force of inertia, when the white creature have taken us, and embracing us, she have lifted up us with her inside that vortex that seemed had take the way of return. 

Among the arms of the white creature, we had seen that the long appendix, dangerously close to the quicksand, now was moving itself away from that land, by now, without life, and really slow that dimension was disappearing in that quicksand that few minutes before we had feed it with its debris.
And when we have seen the last grain of ash disappear, immediately after we have heard a deafening silence, while a sound of a invisible rain, was washing away all that badness that it had surrounded that dimension, that by now, it was a bad remembrance.

We were still inside the vortex when a force stronger than us, have pushed us outside, and we landed falling in our dimension in the exact point we had left it. 
Even if the white creature had cushion the fall, we were fell on the hard. 

Everybody were still there in waiting for us. and when even the white creature have put her foot on the ground, they have threw away all the air from the lungs, and one by one have approached to us to know if we were ok. 
The only who have ran in all hurry, has been the baby troll who have wanted to be taken in arm by me, then he have looked at me straight with his big eyes, and after one second that have lasted an eternity, he have hugged me tighter than he could, and some tears have fallen from both, and he wanted embrace even you, and with you he have wanted touch your moustaches and laugh with your beard. A sweet way to esorcize all that time that he had wait our return. 
Then when we were recovered ourselves, Punkùl have came and have looked at us, as if he was waiting for something, without ask nothing, you have replied: “It have disappeared under our eyes”. 

That dimension have vanished in the void more absolute.
Everybody have looked at us and shy smile is born on their strange, but wonderful faces.”


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