“Despite”- §16§

I was offered myself i was rclutant to go. I was looking at everybody, and i had still the baby troll in my arms, but when i felt you delicate tap on my shoulder, i woke from that state of disbelief, and tenderly smiling i have gave back the troll to her mom, but as soon the baby have left my arms and got back among in the mom arms, he have stretched his little arms toward me, as if he wanted don’t leave me go.

In that gesture i had understand how much he worry he was, and when i  i caressed his sweet face, i said: “Don’t worry i will get back soon”, and just had pronounced those words, i felt your voice whisper: “It’s time to go, we don’t know, when it will fallen the darkness” and you have took my hand, and slowly we have start our walk.

Everybody were looking at us moving away side by side with the white creature who had the duty to prepare us the track that we had to follow in case of quicksand. 

We didn’t knew for how much we could go on, and we didn’t knew for how much that feeble light would have illuminated our walk. We should do everything with all caution and hurry possible. But they were two things irreconcilable each other: we knew it well, but now it was the time to make it. 
We had to follow our instincts. Each steps we were making, we looking at us around: we had to listen, hear everything that it could seemed us a new chink  of wind. 

We had know what look for. A current of wind stronger than others: that one was the main current that it would be sucked us and made us got back in our dimension, but that research was so hard to accomplish, because after the last erruption, the volcano had thrown , maybe the most dangerous curse. 
When it have would exhaled its latest breathe, everything would been sucked with her, and already, those signs were well visibile all around. 

Piece by piece, that land was being sucked by quicksand always bigger around us. 
In our walk we could see as fast they were, to suck, even the most teared apart dead body, one second before on the solid soil, then in a blink it was disappering under our eyes, and several time the white creature have saved us, because we had put our feet in fail.

She was lighter than us, but even the stronger, and those times that we were about to fall, in a blink, she has opened her wings and with with her thin arms, she have lifted us and put in safe.
We were following a thread of air, and it seemed that one right. 
From far we have could see a vortex that seemed had come from that kind of black hole that we had exceeded , for enter in that dimension. 
It seemed, it was fighting against one f the most powerful quicksand. Its thin appendix was touching the ground, and the quicksand was sucking it inside of it. 

We were arrived where we had could arrive, and we couldn’t do anything, just hoping that that vortex could win.
We have attended to that fight unable to do else to divide those two forces, but when you have looked at on the ground and a big branch have catched your attention, you have took it, and you placed yourself at safe distance from the quicksand, you have thrown it, and after seen that crazy idea working, you have screamed us to do the same, and so, me and the white creature, have taken all what we have found around on the ground. 
When you was able to see inside the twirl, you have had the certainty that it was that we were looking for. 

You have seen the other dimension: it seemed inside a tornado, and everything was revolutioning. 
But the more debris we threw away inside that quicksand, the more everything was normalizing. 
We had to  find a way to warn everybody to reach us, but it was very dangerous, but in our deep we knew that Punkùl and the other creatures hadn’t stick off their eyes from us, and even though, we were really distant, they knew that finally we had found that vortex, and Punkùl would find a way to reach us.

In that desolate land, even your scream to find something to throw inside that quicksand has been heard very well from everybody, and when Punkùl have lifted the face toward that sky always darker, have understood that we had found the exit. and he turned toward his creatures,and he said: “They have found it! Now it’s our turn!” and with the most simple and clear words, he said everybody: “We have to reach them, and we have to do it immediately… we have to follow their footprints”, and fortunately our tracks were well visible on that grey ash, but first to leave that place, he had to, absolutely give a priority to the smaller creatures, and so he done.

One by one have left that place. Punkùl as a good leader, placed himself next to the latest creature of the group, but he repeated, didn’t know, not even him how many times, to follow those footprint on that ash. It was the only safe pathway to reach us.”


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