As a real punch in the stomach, your closeness has touched my soul, and i’m throw away the air from my body, and despite that distance that is divide us, i feel your closeness stronger than ever.
Looking at you in this picture has moved me, and  i could dive myself in that glance, i could loose me.

Please take me among your arms and take me to in Our Parallel World, and continue to look at me in this way: speak to me with your soft and profound voice, and tell me that what i feeling it’s not a craziness only mine.

My head is starting to explode like a crazy, and i feel your hands tightening mine and our fingers are crossing each other, and when you put them on your chest, you look at me and softly throw away the air, and our foreheads touch. 

We are in front of our big window and our slow dance begin. 

Everything is vanish, while our souls are dancing and they intertwinning each other, while our body let them go to every these sensations that are wrapping us delicately, and everything become how we always wished, and it’s enough a glance to go crazy, and when our emotions are about to explod it’s too late to stop us. 
You will touch my face and i will touch your mole, and everything will become Our Parallel World.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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