“She have ran” – §15§

Toward us, while the only grey mountain behind her, was puffing lava and its run seemed faster than the creature.
But in a blink, she have reached us, and without any effort, she have taken us in her arms, and her arms were transformed in white wings and she has protected everybody, while that volcano was errupting all his anger.

Under the protection of the white creature, we staring everybody, but what it had impressed us, was the silence that was among the creatures, and slowly, even Punkùl, was realizing that the real enemy with wich they had fought in all those period, it wasn’t a creature, but a volcano, and now it was attempting to rebel to an unavoidable, and slow death. 

They were its latest bullets in reed, and now we were keeping our eyes on the female troll, and what it was running in our minds was the death that that mountain had reserved her, if we weren’t arrived in time. 
It was a show that little by little, was painting itself in front us, and slowly our breath was increasing. 

In those instant you was feeling what i was feeling, and the more i was looking the female troll the more that thought didn’t want leave my mind. In a sigh you said: “It didn’t happened,it didn’t happened”, and only hearing your voice that was saying those simple words, that nightmare that it had possesed me for a short time, was gone.

That storm made by ash, lava, and a thin but dense dust was passing, but we could hear that it was starting to rain, and some big raindrops were passing through the wings of the creature who was protecting us, and by now, those candid wings got dirty by all those debris that were flying around.
That volcano was throw away the lastest energies, and really slow was dying, and when its mumbling stopped, only a buzz get back inside our ears, and it was that one that had welcomed us at our landed. 

Really slow, the white creature retracted her wings, and finally, we came out. We have looked at us around. 
That scenario, already dismal, have became darker and that thin dust that it was liftted from the ground was surrounding us, and even the most great of the creature had difficulties to see what it was beoyond his nose.
Punkùl ordered everybody to don’t move and remain where they were. Now even make a little step would been very dangerous, but he said that we had to return to the point of the landing, for try to get backward once have found a way. 
Everything around was quickly changing. Many pieces of solid soil were became quicksand, and almost all the debris were sucked inside the soil, and slow we had set set free from the cage the troll female who was tightening strong his puppy, and as soon throw it away the quicksand next to us had sucked the cage so quickly that we had thought it was another creature below the ash. But fortunately we had wrong.

There were no other creatures beyond ours. That volcano explosion was the lastest breathe of a defeated enemy, and the very latest of a dying creature. And slowly that ash was placing  on the ground, revealing the new map of that ground, and with caution we got up on our feet and after have gave a glimpse around, we have looked at Punkùl, as if he knew what to do in these cases in an unknown land, but even him was a bit disoriented, and he directed his glance toward the only creature who have could know better that place.

The female troll have looked at his puppy, then she gave him to me and she came close to Punkùl, who was the only in front of all those creatures, and she started to talk softly: “The only exit way i know it’s that from where you are entered. We should get back at the exact point where you landed, as Punkùl had suggested”, but looking at herself around, and like we had noticed before, the landscape was totally changed, and that breeze didn’t came only from one part, was everywhere.
What we should do was to divided us to find the exit in a faster way, but to Punkùl didn’t like much that idea. It was very dangerous, above all for the big creatures. 

Tightening the troll among my arms, i made me ahead, and  looking at you i have said: “I offer me as volounteer” and said this i threw away all the air from the lungs, while you have held me back, looking at straight into my eyes, and right after you have whisper: “You going crazy!” and you said: “You don’t go to anywhere without me!” 
I hoped in this your reaction. I softly smiled, then i stared at the white creature who seemed understand that in case of  help, we have would need of her, and without a beckon, she placed next to us. 
And now that everything was decided, we had, only to go.
Punkùl approached to the white creature and without say nothing, he looked at her, and she nodded.”


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