I really need you, and your smile helps me alot.
I start to feeling your closeness, and what i seen, it have gave me alot of joy. I don’t know if are you, but that little flag it has opened my heart, and now i’m starting to shake.

Every sad sensations are going away, and the only thing i’m feeling is your sweet embrace around my belly. 

The only i need is you, and despite we are far, you are the only who totally comprehend me. 
I need you are taking me inside Our Parallel World, and we can remain there even in silence. 
But what i need is your embrace that is tightening me toward you and i need to hear your  voice.

Your smile make me forget everything, and your hands on my body makes me fly, and i can feel everything, only staring your small mole.
Inside of it i can see everything i wish, above all i see your soul inside Our Parallel World, and it make me go crazy.

Embrace me strong and we remain so, listening to our hearts. I close the eyes and i feel your hands caressing me delicately. 
I whisper your name softly.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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