“For a bit” – §14§

We have stared that small balck dot in without say nothing. Even the little troll have looked it scared, but it could see in his eyes, his great desire to embrace once again her mom, and even i was pushed  by the curiosity to see what was beyond that invisible door, but above all to check the real condition of the only creature beyond that black dot.

I was looking at Punkùl who was giving an order to who would have jumped after the baby troll, and without beckoning, he have had already decided that i would been  have  jumped right after the troll following by the grey big creature who would been my armed shadow, if we had meeting some survived ready to fight to defend that desolated land.

In few minutes, Punkùl had calculated everything in each particular, and he had ordered in row, who had to jump after those creatures, who had to check the territory, and you was in one of the latest group.
Then Punkùl has taken you in a corner and he said: “You will jump with me last”. 

Without that i had knew it, i have understood how it would went. Me with the troll would have open that dance, and you would have closed it, and now there was no time for a glance or a caress: the time have came, and the troll pulling me the skirt, said me to sit down on the floor, and sweetly he placing himself next to me, and when he have would open that door, i have would taken him and tight him to me, and we woud jumping inside that another unknown part of that dimension. 

Uncosciously i held back all the breathe, then threw it away all from my body, and immediately after the troll have opened the door, we have started that descent, and without further shocks, we  landed in that grey and dark  land.

We got up on our feet, checking if everybody were ok, and we have started to explore that new scenario in front of us.
That breeze  was resounding in our ears, and what we were seeing was an absolute desolation. 
All around was burnt, and something was still burning. 
The grey creature was behind me and he was careful to each thing was moving, but it wasn’t nothing alive, just the wind that was moving away some debris on the ground.
Ground that seemed became ash, and the sky was  blue grey blanket that covered everything, and now that we arrived there, seemed the only thing alive and it was resounding rhtymically, were our hearts.
For a bit, the troll has wanted remained gripped to me, but after absorbed the first moment, he went down throght the skirt, and he started to wander in that scenario, starting to lamenting himself and calling her mom. 

I had followed him and when you arrived, i said: ” We have to find her”, while i didn’t stick off my glance on the troll, even though the big creature was behind him, and was helping the troll to check  each unexplored side of that land.
I closed the eyes sighing, when i felt your embrace tightening my hips, and in a whisper i said: “It have to been a hell”  i opened them, looking at me around glimpsing a couple of pieces of dead body a bit distant from us.
When a scream have break that unreal silence. 

The little troll had found her mom inside that cage half covered by that ash, and her glance was terrified, but at view of her puppy, she has glimpsed the hope to come out of it. 
“I can’t move myself… if i move me i can fall deeper.” She had explained her situation, always keeping on her eyes on his puppy.

Slowly and delicately, i have took the troll in arm, and while he was lamenting, i have tried to got calm him, but seemed he didn’t have, not even heard a word. He was stretching his small arms toward her mom, and when you have made me moved away, you with the grey big creature, have searched for to lifted that cage, but the more you was looking for to be helpful, the more you realizing that you was an obstacle, and without any resistence, have made space to another great monster, who helped our friend, and in few moves have set free the cage from a sort f quicksand, and after placed it on solid soil, i have left the troll who have ran toward the mom, and he entered in the cage and they embraced tight.

In all this, Punkùl was looking at the scenario, and slowly, he approached to to the female troll and without say a word, he asked her where it was his husband, and she only beckoned with the head a soft: “No”. They were only remained only them, and he caressed the small troll, who was smiling to her mom, tightening her strong.

With one only thought in mind, we everybody, have looked at the female troll, who was looking at us at her turn, but after a suspended moment, she said: “There is always a price to pay. Don’t be sad”,  she threw away the air from the lungs, and have tightened more to her chest her little puppy. We have looked at us, when another scream has overwhelmed us. 
It was the white creature who was running toward us, screaming to return from where we were falling, 

A volcano was about to explode.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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