“It seemed” – §13§

That the little troll had right, and he had taken us just behind that that seemed the wall of that opalescent enviroment, and from far we could hear that feeble female voice who was calling at her turn the baby troll.
We have looked at ourselves, looking for to got calm the troll who the more was hearing that voice, the more he was agitating: we could hear that she was in pain, but was looking for to assure his baby she said that she was ok, but during her absence the troll was grown more than she could expected, and he was able to recognize each fade of tone of her voice.

We had to breakdown that opal wall and finally enter in that dimension, by now isolated and destroyed.
We had left the troll leaned against that wall to make him hear her mom voice ,while with Punkùl and the other creatures, we moved away to undestand from where we could start to open a passage.
But giving a glimpse to the whole space, it seemed there weren’t not even a slot. 
We everybody were inside that opalescent enviroment, where we could only hear that breeze that underlining the absolute desolation.

We have looking at us around, and we were blinded by that opalescent ambient was issuing, and if it was been an exit, surely, we have wouldn’t seen.
We were caged inside there, but at a certain point i went next to the troll who was back the little puppy of that mom, and his adult behaviour suddenly were gone, and what i’ve seen have moved me, but i tried to held back the emotions, and i hoped that she could help me. I leaned against that wall and delicately i took the troll in my arms, and when he looked at me, for the first time he was able to speak, indicating the wall he said: “Mommy” and some tears streaked his little face.

As much i could be calm, i have explained him, that everybody were trying to look for a way to exit, and with the maximum delicateness i presented myself to her. I have explained her who we were, and  where we came from, and i asked her where she was, and with words game, she was able to make me understand that was inside a cage and she had a big wound on a leg, and hers movement were limitated, but hear his son, in someway, healed her the spirit. I was been capable to comfort her, but now i had to make her a question to which i hoped that she was able to reply, and she was the only to help us, but she didn’t had realized that as much she was happy to hear the voice of his puppy. “Oh yes!” she exclaimed, while my heart was starting to beat strong, and with a beckon, i called everybody especially Punkùl who was hearing very carefully, repeating everything for who was a bit distant.

She explained that to exit from that opalescent anteroom we had to find a small black dot and that would the handle door to across that space, but she hadn’t ended to explain, that everybody have started to look at around, but there was a last very important thing, and she said it with a sad tone of voice: “Looking at for long time that opalescent light  hurts the eyes.”, and we had realized that very soon.

Punkùl was observing everybody blinded by that light, while he was thinking to organize that research , and while he was dividing the creatures in groups of two or maximum three, the mom had called again his puppy and with softness have craddled him with a sort of lullaby. With a sigh i thanked her for the help, and i reached you leaning me on that wall in waiting for to take over to the group who already, had started that mission. Their resistance have lasted about five minutes or so, and the groups weren’t enough for find that tiny black dot. Each group had to rest to recover the view, and restart. 

While the second group has start that research, we have stared the little troll who didn’t stick off from that piece of wall that he was carressing, as if  her mom could see his tender gestures, and each time he was pronnouncing “Mommy”, my heart jolting, and i was feeling a strong link with him, as much strong that i’ve decided to break the rules that Punkùl had given, and alone i started to look for that black dot, but at end i had  give up even me, but as soon it has been your group’s turn, i indicated you the last part of that anteroom that i had⇒ checked.
Blinded by the light, i had thought to have seen that small black dot.

You have made me sit, and i leaned me on the wall. For a couple of seconds i have closed the eyes and in those seconds i have seen all black dots, and so i thought i did wrong to direct you towad that part, but when you have screamed: “Here it is!” i have reopened them, and i seen you ran toward me, and when you have bent over me, you have sigh: “You have find it”, and with delicateness you helped me to get up, and we directed toward that point, where everybody were staring that tiny black dot.

It was placed on the floor, and as everybody had thought, we needed to get prepared to another jump.
This time was the time to give right to each words that Punkùl was about to say, and he called the baby troll who would been him to open that fateful door and falling inside first.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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