I’m shyly smile

And i feeling your embrace tightening me strong, and sweet words are wrap everything.

Our soft punch in the stomach it’s the most beautiful thing i’m feeling, and delicately our connection is starting, while everything around vanishing and our apartament it’s the only thing that is lifting up, and i feel your arms are tightening me always more to you. 

Our glances meet, and you smile and your lips are approaching to mine, while our foreheads touch.

Our eyes diving one in another and your smile is illuminating my soul.
I feel  your hands tightening my hips always more, while you moving me in our slow dance, and everything is become lighter, and we exist only us in all this. 

We look at one in another, and delicately we touch our faces: you let me soft touch your mole, while you kissing my hand. 
You whispering my name, and our connection is begin in these instants: our hearts are exploding at the same instants.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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