“You have attended” – §12§

To the whole scene, and when you have seen that i had moved away with the baby troll, you came next to me, and have tightened me strong to you from behind, and as everybody present, we had to wait that that wonderful creature had taken the measure for throw that spear toward the slot that it seemed was a lung, because staring it with caution, we have seen that it was opening and was closing  really slow.

All around there was a silence that was scaring, and the only sound that we could hear it was a continuous breeze that was entering in our ears.
The white creature knew well when she had to throw, and we everybody were counting those seconds as if they were hours, but we knew that she have to be sure before throw.
Without go beyond, we knew that she have to throw when the small slot was opening.

We have knew when she was about to throw because for a second we have could hear her heart accellerating and and we have seen she thrown that spear to the centre of the slot when it was opening, and for a moment we everybody held back the breathe, and when we have seen that that slot wasn’t closing, we have thrown a glance toward Punkùl who was waiting for the exact moment to attack. 

That slot, as a lung wasn’t able no longer to breath and it was openining always more, and it was sucking everything beyond that black hole, and like in a vortex was sucking everything that was meeting, and Punkùl now was screaming to everybody to keeping well tight to the first thing and he was warning that to the next vortex everybody would left everything to which who were cling, to make transport inside in the other dimension.

I looked at you, scared, but i knew that it was the only way. I tightened the troll more to me, and for a second he looked at me with his big eyes, and to got calm him, i said: “Hold me tight, we will do a good turn!” 
The troll knew what it was about to happen, and maybe that sentence i didn’t have say to him, but i said it especially for us.
That sort of lung was about to open it wider, and everybody was looking at that pirandic tour that really fast was approaching again to us, while all around was flying in the air. 
We could see Punkùl who was checking one by one each of us and in his strange eyes, we could perceive that he was about to scream us to leave the grip, and it’s been so.
After a couple of seconds his “NOW!”  has resounded in that angle of  that neighborhood, and everybody were sucked in that vortex that it has take us inside that unknown dimension.

That round looked much to our journeys from one dimension to another, but this was faster, and we landed as if we were hurled  from the last floor  from a skyscraper, and the landing has been one of the roughest.
Realized that there were everybody, we got up, and we have checked the the troll didn’t got hurt, we went to Punkùl, disoriented for everything but always in alarm for each noise he was hearing, has checked that everybody were ok. He believed to fight immediately, on the contrary what it was presenting in front of him has been a place so calm a peaceful, and it was what that everybody have noticed.

It seemed the anteroom of a dimension that we till had to discover.
That little army were looking at that enviroment of one color only: blue opal. 
And now, that breeze we had felt before to jump, were feeling it even there, but everything it seemed us so unreal and that calm was exceedingly unnatural

In silence we were looking for an exit from there, and now some murmuring was going around between those creatures, who in someways, feeling themselves in cage and they were looking for a way to go out.
Even in the eyes of that white creature it was painting something look liked a bit of terror.
The only creature sure of himself, was the troll who made me understand that he wanted go down, and so i left him go, and with his laments has started to call his dad and her mom. 

Only when the troll have started to call his parents, Punkùl have realized everything, and with wide eyes have looked at everybody, and almost incredoulous, has came to us and in a sigh he said: “It’s over!” 
Then we looked at ourselves, and only slowly we have understand what was happened, while the little troll was continuing to lament himself, looking for to make himself hear from their parents. 

That breeze was becoming the real sign of the defeat of that supremacy sweept away by a spear lanched by a white creature in the heart of a dimension that was leaving space to a void, but only two feeble voices have turned on the hope of the baby troll who slowly have changed tone of the laments and they were became like shrills.
He ran to me and he wanted to be taken in arm, indicating a part, and he made us understand that he had recognized the voice of  the mom.

We looked at us astonished, and the little troll has taken us where he had heard the voice. 
It was beyond that blue opal anteroom.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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