“We had just” – §11§

To wait a sign from the Tesla ball and understand that our little army was ready to everything that would happened in those next hours, and that plan it would that they had put up would be put in act, and slowly everybody in that big room, would be went in street to see what would have happened.

Even the baby troll, knew well each beams of the Tesla ball, and now, everybody were looking at his coloruful beams that were dancing, and just when all his beams were became yellowish, between the creatures there was an unique glance, and a silence metallic,  covered the apartment.

Punkùl came to me and took my hands and looked at straight into my eyes, then he said: “We are all called  to face this, baby troll included… and i know…” i understood very well where he wanted go to end, and i didn’t made him finish the sentence, and with a glance i stared you that was looking at me wthout say nothing, eventually you have only nodded, and stretched your hand to take mine.

Punkùl has beckoned and looked at once again the Tesla ball, that with its lights was illuminating the whole apartment making it become unnrecognizable. 
We have took a glimpse upstairs to bedroom and to all the emotions we had felt inside, and unconsciously we had tightened our hands. 
We were the latest to leave the apartment. 

This time the baby troll had decide to direct himself alone, and as his weapon, he had taken a spear, and  he seemed conviced of what he was about to do. 
Exit from the building and opened the rusty gate, we have met all the creatures in that dark alley with their own weapons in hand ready to fight if it was necessary.
Punkùl looked at one by one in silence, and in silence he put himself to lead that little army.

We had looked at that scene with the maximum respect and when, among those creatures, we have found the unique two that we known well, we put ourselves next to them. 
I have thrown a glance to the troll who looked at me very serious and concentrated. 
It was useless asking him even with just the glance, if he wanted to be taken in arm: it have could see that now he wasn’t that scared baby troll that the big creature had found. 
He was determinated to revenge at any cost his parents, and in his glance there was that awareness to don’t failed.

We had crossed the dark alley and we entering in that solitary part of the quarter. 
We couldn’t hear nobody, neither the big creatures with their heavy steps. It was breathing a surreal atmosphere. 
Around everything was silent. It seemed to be in a bubble, and the only rhytmical noise we could hear were our hearts that were beating like two crazies, and when we looked at ourselves, we have thought that it could be hear. 
You have tightened my hand, and looking at me you stopped. 
You have made pass by every creatures behind us, and then you have put in front of me. Looking at me deeply, you have thrown away all the air you had in body, then i done the same. It seemed work.

Then we have reached the group beyond that fallen tree.
Slowly, we have seen Punkùl who was walking dangerously next to the invisible borderline checking that small slot that the grey creature had noticed. 

Everything seemed so calm, and neither that calm was real. Everybody were ready to act, but it was breathing real dread around. 
Without say nothing, Punkùl had indicate everybody, that slot below to the opposite side, and it was there that everybody had to look for direct their weapon without wrong.
As leader, Punkùl had decided who had to try to thrown first, he had called him next to him. He knew that he could counting on his precision of the launch, and if it was went good, that it would be their latest fight, but Punkùl hadn’t put in count the baby troll, who in his opinion, he had the priority of the launch.

Respecting the absolute silent, the troll ran toward Punkùl, he made see his spear, and made him understand that he wanted try first, but looking at the scene i ran toward the troll, and i have bent over him and i taken in my arms, while the big eyes of the troll got wet by some tears, and  trying to got calm him, i took his spear, and without explanations i gave it to the thin completly white creature that Punkùl had choose for the launch. 
That creature had totally understand my gesture, then have looked at the troll, sweetly caresssing his little hands, and all of sudden, an angelic female voice entered in all our heads, and she said: “I do it for your mom and your dad.” and said this, all the group moved away a while, for give more space to that wonderful creature who was about to launch the small spear of the baby troll. “


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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