“The day after” – §10§

We woke up looking at each other, aware  that, what we have would have face up to in those next hours it would be one of the hardest proof that we ever  face up.
We have smiled each other with a bit of dread printed on faces. We dressed without say nothing, but only thinking to those lastest wonderful previous hours that we had spent in total intimacy. 

You have helped me to wear that skirt you had described as the most sensual piece of cloth on the most beautiful girl you ever have met, and you have tightened it in your hands as if you wanted take off it again.

You was still caressing my legs, searching for that angle of paradise.
The door was closed yet, and for those latest instants we let us go to an another moment of real intimacy. 
You have leaned me on the wall next to the door, and with the glance into mine, delicately you have lifted the skirt till almost to the hips, and have made me moan, penetrating me once again. 
You have kissed me passionately, while my moans were dying in your mouth, and when you have felt that i got wet more, you have wanted continued till you have felt again those contractions that were holding your finger inside me. When i leaned me on you completely relaxed, i sighed in your ear: “You want make me go crazy”.

You have tightened my hips till i completly recovered me, then we have shared a glance in which we said us everything.
And when i have opened the door, you have adjusted better the skirt. I have felt your hands were still caressing my legs, but immediately after you have took me among your arms, and we went downstairs.

We have found Punkùl and the big creature were speaking checking the map of the baby troll, who was playing with some chains of the black leather jacket of the grey creature and laughing aloud, when the chains touching each other issuing the classic metallic sound, but all of a sudden, he stopped, when he lifted his small face noticed us, and immediately he has stretched his little hands toward me, and you have left me, and he ran to me tightnening himself to one of my leg. Then i went to the sofa with your help, and finally the baby troll has jumped on my knees, and he tightened me strong.

Punkùl and the creature have smiled making me understand  that it was usless ask if i had slept well. I directed the glance toward map prenteding it was ok, but in my deep i was dying, but looking at you in the kitchen who was taking two cup  for us for the breakfast, all the embarassement gone away, and when you settled next to me, i have seen what i wanted see.

Then, even you have started to look at the map, and have noticed some sheet of papers on the little table, and you have taken one of them, then you have lifted the glance astonished for what it was written on it, and you have stared Punkùl without ask nothing. It would have answered Punkùl within few: and so it’s been.
Someone had to try to see what it was beyond that little hole that the big creature had seen when he was about to fall in that black hole, and the only thing that they had thought was to throw something like a stone or something similar and see what it would been happened. And maybe, once enter  to the opposite side, they have would  face up to their more acrimonious enemy in his territory.

Morever Punkùl had warned everybody of  this attempt through the Tesla  ball, and in their own way, they were preparing to the next attack, maybe the most dangerous and risky. But the very first move it had to be well calculated, and it had to seemed very casual. 

The more they were thinking how to act, the more it seemed they wanted it to end in those next  hours, and for one time they were decided to see what face had that creature who was spreading dread in their dimension from long time. 
It was time to go on: it was time to risk something of own, rather than continue to be ripped off piece by piece, of a dimension that slowly, was consuming itself, and with our arrive they were sure that everything would be over once for all.

We had see the determination in their eyes, and when we have met even that one of the baby troll, we have throw away the air of the lungs, beckoning that we agreed, and even though it was the most dangerous plan we had heard,  slowly like in a faded scene of a movie we have started to put down a strategy to be more sure of what we were about to going to do.

Little by little, that scene, dissolves.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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