I’m feeling your embrace around my belly and your hands that pulling me toward your chest, while your words are wrapping my soul, making beating strong my heart. 
I’m starting to shake, while you sweetly turn me round and our glances are meet.

We are looking at each other in silence, while our connection is gently begin.
We feel our electric shocks crossing our minds, and i feel your hands tightening stronger my hips.
Our soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing faster, making turn round our heads. 

Despite we are distance, we are throwing away all the air from the lungs and our air become the new oxygen for the other. 
I close the eyes and i feel your hands caressing my body just there where you last night, are taking me inside Our Parallel World.
You moving me, and slowly our foreheads touch, and our eyes dive one in another, and everything flying around us, while slowly our connection is about to explode wrapping taking inside that world that we had and we are still creating even in these instants. 

We are looking at each other, sighing our names delicately, and eveything we are looking at is our apartment and our sensations. 
Everything is here in these instants, in these emotions, while our hearts is exploding, while we throw away the air, and our glances don’t want take off one from another.
We feel us in this moment. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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