“When you” §9§

Have closed the door, everything behind of it disappeared, and when you have shared that smiled all the bad thoughts in my mind gone away.

We were still on the threshold, when delicately you have took my hand and you have dragged me toward that bed and sweetly you have laid me on it.

Our glances didn’t take off each other, while our hands starting to touch the body of who had in front, and delicately i have took you  off your leather jacket, pay attention to the small wounds you had on your arms, but it seemed you wasn’t feel any pain. 
I touched them, like my hands were been silk, and you was taking off my shirt with the same delicateness.

Little by little, our breathes increased, but they were such soft, and our lips have begin their slow approach one with another, and sweetly our bodies touched, while our eyes were straight into each other, and sweet words were came out from both side. 

“I didn’t belived to see you no more” i said while you was staring me, as if you was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world, while your hands were mapping all my body, searching to impress in your mind all my curves. You have caressed delicately my nipples for then tightened them a bit: you have made me moan  a while, then you bented over them and you have licked them, for then look at me immediately after, while i was feeling your hand went always more down, till stop to the hips, and when i felt you was sweetly touch my belly for went slowly always more down, i took your hand, and i have felt where you was guiding it. I was looking at you, knowing where it would ended, and slowly when your hand has became one finger, i thrown you a sweet glance and immediately after i closed the eyes, and my moans were became a soft sound that have wrapped the room.

I knew you was looking at me, and you enjoyed with me: i could perceive it. Your lips were delicately touching mine, while you was continuing make me enjoy, and the more you was moving your finger, the more i got wet, and you knew at end your finger would have made space to another thing more intimate, and when your finger has slided out, our glance met and with delicateness mixed with a bit of roughness, you have penetrated me and have started your hips game, till i felt your desire growing fast inside me, and your moans merged with mine, and in those instants were the unique sound we wanted to hear, but when we have reaching the maximum pleasure,  we have done it in silence, staring that little moment into our eyes, sweeping away all the fears that we have had, staying far those hours before.

Delicately, you came out from me, and have settled next to me, and you have continued to touched my body, and you have wanted to continue to make enjoy me, and so, while i was looking at you, you have enlarged  my legs, and sweetly, my passion has welcomed your finger, and you have made me enjoy once again, and when i reached the second orgasm, you have stared still more astonished, for how much beauty i could issue in those second of pure pleasure. 

You have wanted feel till the last pulsation, and so you have left the finger inside me, till i relaxed and i have wanted dive me on your chest, and delicately you have tightened me more to you. 
“Let’s try to sleep now” they were been your words, looking at me softly touch my lips.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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