“When i felt” – §8§

Your heart beat at unison with mine, i have started to breathe again, and when our eyes met once again, i have could see all the colors of the life, that were disappeared when you have left the apartment, and slowly i checked your little wound on the face, just with the glance, i was asking if you was ok, and you was doing the same, and when our foreheads touched, all that magic that was vanish, appeared again.

After saluted his big friend, the baby troll has came to us and he wanted that you taken him in arm, and sweetly he have caressed you, and he have started to play with your moustaches and your beard, laughing, and he made me see that he was enjoy, and with this gesture, he wanted say me: “Don’t be sad! He’s back!” I have smiled him, and delicately with his little hands was drying my tears of joy. I sweetly caressed him and he have wanted to back in my arms, but he has wanted to hold even your hand, for make me understand more that you would been close to me forever. You have nodded, looking at him, tenderly astonished.

“He still don’t speak, but he make himself understand very well” i said looking at him going to the others, who resting themselves, cleaning those superficial wounds that they had.
I didn’t want ask how it went, but i have introduced the speech, describing  what i had seen through the window, and describing that the Tesla ball seemed go crazy, but only in that moment i’ve realized that it beams were became once again normal, and everybody have smiled me, when Punkùl have started to talk while the baby troll was staring into his eyes, even him very interested.

“From when it has began this fight, we have made lift who is leading this invasion, and maybe we know, even why”, and without add else he looked at both you and me, then he ended: “He knows you arrived and i know without shadow of doubts, he  is who maneuver the black hole”, and at those word the troll, before on the ground, has wanted that i brang him in arm, and he tightened me, diving in my chest, while his big eyes got wet by some tears.

I held back a long breathe, then i looked at everybody, and seriously i have said: “Going to the borderline we have challenged him face to face. From what you have told me, none before went there, only the unlucky troll, isn’t so?” Punkùl, the big creature, and shyly even the little troll have nodded, lifting up his head, and looking at me with his big eyes. I have looked at him and smiling him, i asked: “In your perlustration, did you have seen something that in those instants you have thought it wasn’t important?” Everybody were looking at me, and only the big grey creature have grunted something, and Punkùl has translated for us: “When i seen the rock wall, i glimpsed even a feeble light” and then the creature have looked at me with wide eyes open, questioning himself if it was what i wanted to hear. 
Sincerely i didn’t know if it was a good thing, but i immediately thought that it was start point, and that it have to be checked, if it was what i was imagining.

But now my warriors had to rest. Punkùl said to his big friend that he could remain there and that he would find another place for him in that open space, because it was very dangerous to exit in city, after a bloody fight like that as soon ended. 
In fact there was a surreal silence in street, and those few noises that we have could hear were blows of wind among the branches of the trees, and some heartbreaking scream of who had lost his beloved, but just after few minutes a deafeaning silence covered the city.

I went to the big window, but i didn’t have seen nothing, but that heartbreaking scream was still in my ears, and when you have turned me toward you, our eyes met, and in a sigh, i said: “It could have been you”. Looking at me in silent, you have tightened my hands and you have guided me toward the stairs to go upstairs. 
You hadn’t take off your eyes off me, and all of a sudden everybody else were vanished.

The troll have wanted would go upstairs with us, but the big creature has understand immediately the situation, and he asked to him to make him company, and when you have met his glance, you have thanked him, closing that door always open.
For a couple of seconds we were looking at each other, then you approached to me:”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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