I was

Thinking of you, and you came. Now my soft punch in the stomach is growing always more, and i can feel your embrace around my belly, and i can throw away all the air from the lungs.

I feel your turn me round, and i can dive into your glance. 
What you have made feel tonight it’s been so faboulous: your delicateness, but at the same time your roughness it made me go crazy. 

In those seconds i feel Our Parallel World around us, exploding together with us.

I can feel still your hands on my hips, and your breathe envelope me delicately.
And what you have wanted say me it’s arrived without any effort. 

What i feeling in these instants it’s delicately strong, and our connection is around with its signs, and everything is about to vanish while exist only us.
You are looking at me, and beckon a shy smile, while you pull me toward you, and i caress your face till to  arrive to your mole. 

I remain astonish for what i feeling in these instants, and everything is turning. 
Our soft electric shocks are crossing our minds, and despite our distance we feel us close, and i can perceive your hands still on my hips, and i close the eyes once again when i hear your voice pierce my soul. 

I sigh your name, and i hear you are whisper mine. 
Our hearts beats at unison, and everything only we need is Our Parallel World
I feel you damning so close.
I looking at you and i only can sigh smiling.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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