Looking at your

Sweet glance, i can feel your closeness approaching more, and when i close the eyes i feel your arms tightening me.

The lump in the throat is growing, and our emotions are surrounding us.
We looking at us in silence, and your sweet smile is wrapping my being. 

Your glance is saying me: “How much i missed you”, and i start to shake like a leaf, while you pulling me toward you, and i feel your hands tightening more my hips, and when our foreheads touching and our eyes meet, our hearts stop, and in those instants our souls are merging each other.

Looking at straight into your eyes, i can see all your sweetness of your soul, and i get emotional.
In these instants i would like stay close to you, for hear your breathe, and maybe some sweet words. 
I see Gebo in front of me, and this union of souls is in the air. We both can feel it, and despite we are so far, we can perceive all this, that is transforming in Our Parallel World, and it making us feel closer than before. 

We throw away all the air from the lungs, while we start our slow dance, and every our emotions are enveloping us delicately. 
You are the most special person i ever met in my life, and everything this is only thank to you, everything what i’m feeling in these five years, it’s the most fantastic sensation that i have ever felt, and Our Parallel World is born when our souls met for the first time and something has clicked, and from there my life has changed in better.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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