“Got back” – §7§

In the apartament, we settled on the sofa and for a bit we remained in silence to look at each other, and we have thought everybody to the same thing:  what shock have had faced to up the baby troll see his parents be sucked in the black hole for don’t get back no more. 
The big creature, started to grunt and in his grunts was the story of the baby troll. 

He was him to find the little who was walking crying with wide eyes open while indicating that part, and he wanted to returned in his cave, where he thought that he would have find again his parents, but when the grey creature he brought him inside the cave, and the little troll realized that his parents weren’t there, little by little, he began to don’t speak, and only the great creature was able to brought him something eat, but as we have seen it wasn’t enough. 

But in his loneliness, the troll  has began to put down a map very detailed, and what he was able to do alone has been extraordinary. “But when you came, he have seen in you someone of which he could really trust, and now he was calmer and relaxed” and everybody have stared at me, and in a sigh, i said: “You can only love him”, and sweetly you have tightened my hand, and slowly our glances met.

And when the map was leaned on the table we have started to study it: as refer point there was a big draw that representing the tree, and two sketches of two trolls that were swallowed inside a black spot, and when we have seen it, we had jolted, but despite those child draws, the map was perfect.
All that short moment printed  in that big sheet of tree cortex. I held back the breathe for then threw it away, looking at up to the mezzanine, hoping that the little creature had beautful dreams. 

But that moment has lasted few, because after a couple seconds later the Tesla ball begun to issue intermitent beams and the main ball located over the hill has started to warn everybody. 
They were about to arrive, and maybe we could have imagine. We came just to the borderline, and what should we had expect?

The Tesla ball seemed that had to exploded at any time, and in all the neighborhood there was  that light, that silently was warning the others creatures, but Punkùl and the other creature semed calm: they were taking their own weapons and some were given to us, and when Punkùl looked at me, he wanted that i  go upstairs to check the baby troll and he said me to remain there, and that each house it had to be protected, none excluded, and especially that now, it had  that little creature.

With a bit reluctance, i nodded and i went to you, and i whispered: “Be careful!” The big creature with his grunts has assured me that he would be his shadow, and i looked at him grateful tightening his big hand, and staring at straight into your eyes, mine got wet by some tears, and when has been time to go, i tightened your hand till the last finger has left the hold, and your name has died in my throat when the big creature has closed the door behind himself.

I could have hear, already screams and hits of various weapons and some beam of lights clashing each other, when a  bang has woke the troll and he started to cry. 
I went to him and  when i turned the light i seen the troll as if he wanted sweept away all those noises, but above all all those beams of light: immediately i closed the long white curtain of the only window of the bedroom and then i went to him and i taken him and i placed myself  with the face in front of the window in way that the troll couldn’t see the lights.

Embracing him tight among my arms, i was able to calm him, but inside me there was another battle in progress, and now, i was jolting to each minimum noise, and when a bang seemed enter in the apartment, it was the baby to staring me and with his sweet glance seemed say me: “Don’t worry”, and smiling, he caressed my face. But as much i tried, i wasn’t calm: through the white curtain i have could hear and see still all those screams and lights that invading all the apartment, and the beams of the Tesla ball downstairs seemed don’t wanted stop, and all this scenario was increasing my imagination. 

With the troll i have decided to downstairs for see that one that in bedroom i have could not see.
Settled the troll on the sofa, i went to the big window and from there i have seen  winged creatures rides from other creatures who launching spears against some others who running away, and some them were falling on the ground bleeding, and when i have recognized of them i held back the breathe, and all my thoughts went to you, remembering the promise that the great grey creature made me before to leave the apartment. 

They were cruelest than others, and maybe it was the last dimension that we have woud visited, when i remained to stared a empty point with wide eyes open. I was started to looked at nothing, when my heart slowed down. 
Everything around me was slowly vanish, while some black shadows were filling the apartment.
I was estranged myself  from everything, but when from far i heard an echo calling a couple of times my name i resurfaced and when recognized your voice, i turned and i was remained  breathless to look at you for a couple of seconds, then i dived in your chest embracing strong.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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