“Despite” – §6§

I moved way from the tree and i didn’t take off  the eyes from you, i could perceive your heart beat like a crazy. The big creature went on to assure himself that the was any danger, but even if he was the bigger between all of us, he jolting to each noise was around and he brandish  the only weapon that he was able to manage: a truncheon.

At your eyes he could seemed, too primitive, but seen your doubtful glance, Punkùl  has approached to you and in a sigh, he said: “He seem so scared, but when he have to face up to the enemy, he pulls out his braveness, and he don’t see anybody, he go and kill without mercy. He have killed many, and he have saved many of ours. Once i seen him wounding to the death one and save one at the same time. 
Behind this his body size there is hid a big heart, that’s why i have choosen him for this exploration”.

You have listened to Punkùl carefully, but with the glance directed foward, and when the big creature all of a sudden, stopped himself, you both had understood that the baby troll had brought you to the exact point of the invisible entrance, and really slow you both have reached the big creature, who was staring at below, and through his glance, had understood how the parents of the baby troll, were vanished. 

Punkùl  had translated the grunts of the big creature, and he explained that at certain point, he hadn’t felt no longer the ground below the foots, and fortunately he realized that in time. The grey creature explained moreover that when has rectracted his foot, he has seen a black hole and some little stones falling inside of it, and  everybody stopped just there where the grey creature was looking at, and then you have realized that that black hole appearing and disappearing without a logical thread, and just in those seconds you have better understand how the parents of the little troll were died, and you have thrown a glance toward me who i was sat on a big branch beyond that tree with the baby troll, making playing him, but with throwing  always a glance toward  that forbidden place, hoping that you and and the others, could have got back soon.

When i have could see that you were coming back, i threw away all the air from the lungs, and when i have could hold your hand in mine, i have started to breathe again, and without speaking i have asked you many questions and the only answer that you have could give me, without scaring the troll, has been: ” An unpredictable black hole” and so you have caressed the little creature who was playing with my pendant, and without add nothing else i seen the whole scene in my mind, and looking at the little creature i said him: “Now we get back home” and the baby troll tightened me stronger, murmuring happy. 

During the return we everybody, we have respected the absolute silence, we had to make only enjoy the baby troll, who litte by little, fell asleep in my arms, and as soon in the apartment we went upstairs and we put him in the middle of the bed. 

Went downstairs, we settled on the sofa hand in hand, and we have stared the grey creature and Punkùl, who have started to explain me what they had seen beyond that fateful tree, in the minimum particulars, and the grey creature has added others grunts in which he wanted said that after have rectracted in time the foots, he had seen a particular that he had described, like a rock wall that he had never seen before, and Punkùl  has affirmed that it was surely, part of the dimension and slowly it was gaining soil to enter in ours. 

But now, the very  important thing to do was to think how to block that black hole that was resulting the most dangerous thing that they were been capable to place closest to our dimension, and it had swallowed the parents of our little troll.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“At our waking” -§5§

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