And your closeness

Our feelings leaving us breathless, and even today i’m sorround by our electric shocks and i shyly smiling, because maybe i know, you what want talk about, and i can’t wait to hear voice again that transport me in your city, while our arms are transporting me in Our Parallel World, and our connection is about to begin, even if we are already connect from long time, but these your electric shocks want something say more, and when you will want reveal  what you want say, don’t be surprise that i already knew it.
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and i feeling your arms around my belly, and you are tightening me to you, whispering my name, and our thoughts are crosssing one with another, and everything slowly vanish, while our apartment is lifting around, and delicately you taking me in front of the window, and your hands sweetly are holding my hips, and our foreheads touching, while our bodies are slowly moving.

Our soft punch in the stomach underline our strong connection, that is making us going crazy. And everything is concetrated in few minutes, where our souls touching each other, and for on minutes, despite our distance we are very close, and we can say us everything, and our glance meet for real. 
It’s about to begin, and the lastest electric shocks underlining the moment. 

We feel each other, and your hands are tightening me more to you, and your breathe is entering inside me. And eveything is exploding in this instants, and our connection making us see milion of colors.

Everything is became Our Parallel World, and at the same time, we throw away the air from the lungs, while in the air is flying my name.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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