I’m throwing away

The air from the lungs, and i’m feeling your arms surrounding my belly, and your breathe is like a soft cloud that is taking me inside Our Parallel World, and every little electric shocks that i’m feeling from before, are the most beautiful things that i can perceive. 

You are tightening me stronger toward you, and i can only close the eyes. 
I know that through these electric shocks you want same something important. 
It were from long time that i didn’t feeling them so persistent.

I’m shaking like a leaf, and you are feeling it. 
Our hearts are beating at unison, and our minds are get connecting always more strong.

You are sending me your thoughts and i feeling them. They are sweet, and when i see you, like in this picture, i know, you are feeling it even, and we throw away all the air from the lungs, and we know we are doing at the same time.

Our hearts is beating like a crazy, while everything is taking us in Our Parallel  World, and there, we could really, make explode what we feeling one for another, and  i could touch your mole, and you could take my hand and placing it on your chest, while our heads touch, and slowly our lips approach, and delicately we kiss, and everything  become a unique magic flow.

Our electric shock are continuos: our feelings are speaking one with another. It’s like making love.
I feel you, and you feel me. 
Everything is only ours, while everything vanish, and Our Parallel World is wrap us with all the emotions that we are feeling in this moment.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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